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    GL_Fog version 1.1.0

    Hello Chaucer, really nice plugin! I'm having some strange effects, however, where the fog seems to disconnect in a rectangular way in some places: I thought, maybe it's my resolution (1088x612), or maybe one of my plugins is caunsing interference but...: Tried on a freshlymade project...
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    Suikoden Like Weapon Upgrade

    In fact, weapons changed their name in Suikoden after level X. That could be a nice feature too.
  3. Iqus

    LGP - Better Damage Popup

    Any way to deactivate state popups?
  4. Iqus

    Highly customizable sorting plugin

    Great plugin! It seems to me that it would be easier to access the sorting types from the Item menu instead of having to enter the options menu every time though. Just a thought! Great work!
  5. Iqus

    Icon Captions

    Salut! Excellent plugin! And great addition, now with conditions! One question though, are conditions compulsory? I was using your previous version and I downloaded the new one, copy-pasting all the icon captions and now they do not appear. I don't know if it's a compatibility issue arisen with...
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    Olivia Switching to Paid Plugins

    Can you imagine having someone saying this?: "hey, your horror theme doesn't work with my haunted house bgs/vibe/tilesets. Your theme is broken." Because that happens all the time with scripters.
  7. Iqus

    Olivia Switching to Paid Plugins

    It is because of users that fail to appreciate what programmers such as Yanfly or Olivia are doing that things like this happen. How many more SRDudes, Himes or Galvs do we have to lose until people cease this selfish behaviour?
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    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    If you read the help file for Buff & State core...
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    Making passives with 2 of Yanfly's States Plugins

    Passive 1: Just create a Custom Confirm Effect and in it create a variable, let's call it user._totaldebuff. Have a conditional for each state, if the target has X state or debuff, variable += 1. Then, on a Custom Regenerate Effect have the MP rate you want be multiplied by this variable...
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    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    Hi Ramza, me again! =) I was trying to make something different based on the Mending state. The idea is having a Regenerative state that jumps into another ally when the affected has full HP, and if possible, make it jump to the ally with the lowest HP rate. Do you think it possible? Thanks...
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    Need New Stat Parameter, every other plugin didn't work!

    I had the older version indeed, I found it on the master plugin list and it seems it hasn't been updated there. New version works perfectly :) Muchas gracias! Si me encuentro con algún otro problema trataré de contactarte directamente! ^^
  12. Iqus

    Need New Stat Parameter, every other plugin didn't work!

    I did :)   Those params created by your plugin were working just fine, the problem was that when using them, for some reason, I could not add states (like poison or blindness) to the enemies (but they could be added to the battlers). There must be some incompatibility issue with Yanfly's scripts.
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    Need New Stat Parameter, every other plugin didn't work!

    Hi there! I am in need of a script that adds new custom parameters that can be used in formulas and boosted by states and equipment. I tried BOB, ICFSoft and Quasi's scripts and none of them were working for me. So let's say for the sake of an example that I want a stat/param called anger...
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    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    Something like this?   var members = []; for (var i = 0; i < target.friendsUnit().aliveMembers().length; ++i) { var potential = target.friendsUnit().aliveMembers()[i]; if (!potential) continue; if (potential === target) continue; if...
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    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    Hey Ramza! Good to see you are back. I'm glad you brought this up because I myself was checking the Roaming Mend effect last night, but in my game it has another effect (but still there's the roaming effect to it). However I have been having some questions and I tried to edit the state myself...

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