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    Has 'Commercial' Focus Harmed The Community?

    It's not "emotional" to have ethical concerns, pal. I agree though, there's no point in talking on it further.
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    Has 'Commercial' Focus Harmed The Community?

    My opinions: Rude, how dare I. Your opinions: Smart and rational. I shall just have to accept it and move on, defeated :LZSlol:
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    SERVICE Writer/++ (Updated 12/7/2022)

    You describe yourself as "Native-Speaking", but you've not specified a language? English, I presume?
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    Has 'Commercial' Focus Harmed The Community?

    As I said; that seems greedy to me. There's already tons of free work that people have altruistically put out there, and we're incredibly lucky that people have been willing to do that work for free . Just saying other people are "being dramatic", and that giving away your work for free is...
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    Has 'Commercial' Focus Harmed The Community?

    This seems patronising; also, if your point is that more stuff should be free then I think indicting anyone else for being "greedy" is a little hypocritical? Is that what you mean? I certainly hope they're never legalised, because profiting from people's labour without their consent is...
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    Has 'Commercial' Focus Harmed The Community?

    Can you give us an actual reason why? Also, why are you conflating a game not being free with greed?
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    Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    >Broc-pocalypse >not a-broccalipse Bruh :LZSlol:
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    Has 'Commercial' Focus Harmed The Community?

    To be clear; I wasn't saying this at all. I was saying that I have seen people in the RM community say that they would never pay for a game made in RPG Maker. People can charge what they want, but saying that you think all RM games should be free is the issue, not making games for free. Talking...
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    Has 'Commercial' Focus Harmed The Community?

    This always irks me. Why are people so intent on devaluing their own labour? And in - effectively - implying that they don't value other devs' work simply because it's in an engine they are familiar with? You don't see it anywhere else. I'll never understand it.
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    "I'm you, but stronger" - fighting alternative parties in RPGs

    One of my favourite tropes is the "fight an alternative version of the party" gimmick - I do it quite a lot, I think. What're your favourite games that do this? I really enjoyed the other group of pilgrims in FFX, and Dragon Quest 5's early game "Pip" enemies are a special favourite of mine...
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    Has 'Commercial' Focus Harmed The Community?

    The same people making games are not (in the vast majority of cases) the same people playing them. This is advice I keep giving the rm devs I speak to over and over and over again. The fact that other devs like your project doesn't really make that much difference if you're trying to make people...
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    Has 'Commercial' Focus Harmed The Community?

    Personally, I find RM a much more inviting and inclusive place now that the focus is on creating new, original works rather than infringing other peoples' IPs! It's much more exciting seeing actual creativity rather than a billion FF knockoffs where the driving force of every cutscene is the...
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    [ATTACH] Look at 'em go!

    Look at 'em go!
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    You best be alright, or I'll box your ears!

    You best be alright, or I'll box your ears!
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    A Rhythmic Crafting System?

    AHEM The only idea for this: You must craft B e e t s

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