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    Bravely Default Job Levels?

    Interesting. And sort of shameful on my end to not test for this. Thanks for letting me know. The only plug-in I’ve really thought of using beyond its surface purpose is Moogle X’s Friendship system. It’s meant to let you do social links and such, but it’s freaking perfect for what I’m doing in...
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    Bravely Default Job Levels?

    Maybe I misunderstood the Fox system, then. The way I thought it worked playing with it myself, JP was more of a spendable resource that you used to buy skills for a job. The levels were still there, based on the total JP gained in that job, but you still had to spend the JP to get the skills...
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    Bravely Default Job Levels?

    I believe I already mentioned that. The problem with Fox JP levels is that it’s specifically based on how FF Tactics did things, where the level was more a requirement for spending JP on certain skills, as well as unlocking more jobs when two earlier steps hit certain levels. That’s cool; it’s...
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    Bravely Default Job Levels?

    Not quite. The JP plug-in is a prerequisite, but from what I recall, all it really does is make JP a thing. Systems to actually make use of it, like BD style job levels, are up to other plugins. Edit: Oh, turns out Yanfly’s JP is based on Tactics in the first place too. Which is cool, but I...
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    Bravely Default Job Levels?

    Let me begin this by stating this is more of a check-in than a request. This is a wish that keeps coming back to me, and the last time I asked, I was told the base design of MV itself made this hard to even do. I’m more just asking if anything’s changed since then; a positive response is great...
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    RMMV Weapon Levels with Yanfly Item Upgrades?

    This one is a bit complicated. Yanfly's Item Upgrade Slots plugin gets me most of the way to where I want to go, but there are some issues that keep it from really working for me. I essentially want to have a Dark Cloud 2 style weapon enhancement system (I want full on weapon evolution...
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    Advanced Weapon Plugin [V1.3.5]

    This seems like a good start for what I want (long story short, I wanna make a Dark Cloud inspired game, Active Battle System and all), but there are a couple of things that I'd like from it before I feel it would fit what I'm after. The first is Mojo's request of using items to synthesize...
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    Dark Cloud Weapon Plugin Request

    As it happens, your "specialized" plugin is exactly what I was looking for when I found this thread. Yeah, Dark Cloud 2 is a big inspiration for me, too.
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    Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    Thanks, this is really helpful! Especially since your link helped me find out I was using an outdated version. Sadly, I'm having a harder time getting the latest version to work. And the kind of hard to understand. Edit: Ignore the "harder time understanding" thing. The crashes were...
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    Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    How did you remove auto-attack? That would be very helpful for other people using this plugin to know.
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    Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    So, I've been getting to grips with this one in MV. Thankfully, it's really easy to understand and use. I just have one problem, though: attacking is rapid fire. Recharging aside, once you get in range and press A to attack, the command stays active, meaning you'll automatically attack again...
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    RMMV Somewhen - A Town Builder RPG!

    Um...okay, wow. I just came on the forums to look for good plugins to make my own Dark Cloud spiritual successor, but I ended up coming across something to keep my eye on for its own merits. I don't know how you got Dark Cloud town building to work in RPG Maker, but that fact alone blows my...
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    RMMV Quick Summon Actor?

    So, I just had this idea while trying to think of how a Persona game would work, but I think it's a good idea outside of that. Unlike the existing Summon Actor plugins that I know of (that let you bring a new actor in for the duration of the fight), what I'm looking for is a lot more temporary...
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    Fire Emblem Seal System

    Thanks, it works!
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    Fire Emblem Seal System

    Do you mind walking me through that damage script a bit? The damage formula only allows one line of code, so it's likely I screwed something up.

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