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    Ready to Rumble: A Plugin for Controller Vibration

    Hi there. Curious if there's a way to get this to work in battle's across the board generally (taking damage etc) as opposed to manually setting it in events etc.
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    RMMZ "Flash Damage" for MZ?

    Previously used Moghunter's flash damage for MV and really miss it in MZ. Reached out to moghunter but never heard back. Is there any other alternatives? Basically just want to see damage during skills instead of at the completion of the skill. (Also tried it with Fossil just for the heck of...
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    Terrax Lighting system

    Is anyone else getting severe framerate drops when using a web (html) build?  Windows works fine with no drops.  With the plugin disabled the drops disappear.  Only 1 light effect and the player lighting enabled on the (tiny) map.

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