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  • Do you ever just start world-building out of the blue? :kaoswt2:
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    Yup! I constantly have my notebook nearby so I can take notes :)
    Mostly yes, but that also means that you need to constantly check your game for inconsistencies.
    When you introduce new elements to your world in the middle of the game, you need to check if that element makes sense
    from start to finish.
    All the time everytime xD
    I wonder if I can go outside ye-

    Government: lemme stop you right there
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    me: goes outside anyway, and thanks god I live in the middle of nowhere.
    Windows i7
    Windows i7
    Where I live, the government tells people to stay home but does not enforce it. They only enforce non-essential businesses staying closed. I still stay away from public areas though for the most part.
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So, the other day i come across to became closer to other developers and realiza im not even a novice. i am lower than thrash rigth now, worse than people that don´t know anything about this things cause i used to think i knew. good news is; today thrash, tommorrow, maybe not so much, and someday, i´ll be a god?
Ahh, end of the day stinky feet, fresh out of the boots. Smells like a job well done. Seriously, I have to rinse my feet when I get home, or it's not fair to my wife.
Stream will be live shortly with some pixel art! Feel free to drop by!

Can't believe I forgot to put an image of my drawing pad! It looks kinda like this, maybe I'll get a better pic tomorrow...
Backup tip: If you don't want to back up your whole project every day, at least back up everything *except* your Image and Audio folders, which you can do weekly/as needed/etc.

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