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  1. FREE In need for voice actors and some translators for a telltale type game :)

    Would love to take a crack at Kurt, and lol i meant map designing.
  2. TRADE Chasing Justice: An Intimate Journey

    Hey id like to help, im a pretty good map builder and designer and help you make some great scenes =]
  3. FREE In need for voice actors and some translators for a telltale type game :)

    I would live to be a part of this. Can do various voices and can also help with level designing and writing if necessary. Contact me if interested.
  4. TRADE (Closed) Looking for Mapper/Level Designer!

    Sure, I will message you some screenshots when I get a chance, looking forward to getting started:)
  5. FREE Looking for other creators!

    I can help with the level and map designing and can get started right away if you're interested
  6. TRADE (Closed) Looking for Mapper/Level Designer!

    Hi I'm definitely interested. I'm a pretty good map and level designer, would love to stick around and help for the project. I'm not good at scripting so perhaps I can pick up a few pointers from your team. Let me know if you're interested, I would love to get started!

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I was listening to songs by Chuck E Cheese's voice actor (Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup) when the meds I was taking for my stomach virus apparently stopped working. I can't take my next dose until morning, but it's no use anyway. I'm officially sick again. Of course, I'll definitely take the next dose either way, but it's useless now.
New profile picture! This time, it's representative of my current project.
I suddenly feel like making a game for little kids: a pointless sandbox of cute animals, silly collectibles, and random mini games.
Anyone else just like, not bother to make games themed around specific holidays? I know I won't get them done in time for it to make sense.
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