Hi. I'm Ixfuru. I've been using RPGMaker since VX. I was a long-time visitor and contributor to RPGMakerVX.net until it expired a few years back. Since then, I haven't really found a permanent home. However, I continue to create using the Makers, as well as Clickteam products, and even some dabbling in the GoDot engine. I taught myself to code in Ruby during my VX years and have written a number of scripts for both VX and Ace. I'm trying to pick up on Javascript as well, but I haven't come far just yet. I really like to play Indie games! I have a few friends in the RPGMaker community that are way more skilled than me and I enjoy playing their games especially.

About a year and a half ago, I decided it was time to start a little company and (along with my two sons and my wife) started J3I Games. We started it in support of a game I coded in Ruby using VX as a basis. The game is called World Circuit Boxing. I know it's not an RPG, but it is has elements of RPGs and anyone who has played RPGMaker games will be right at home with the layout.

I'm still working on NetherQuest, my pride an joy RPG. You can always find out more about us at our website: www.j3igames.weebly.com.

Thanks for stopping by.

Game Making, Programming, RPGs, Football, Guitar, Poetry, Writing
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