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  1. [Suggestion] Update how 'Exclude unused files' works…

    As it stands, I can confirm that it does remove unused files from img\* and likely anything in the audio\* folders as well, haven't entirely checked. However, unused filies in js\plugins remain. Can it be updated to remove unused plugins?
  2. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thar's the problem, it doesn't exist on my end. I can't reproduce the error.
  3. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    My testers get this error… Tester: "So I found out the NPC Dialogue crash occurs when the player is running, but only if they're running. Other than that, the game doesn't crash for the dialogue." Any ideas how to fix this that doesn't involve disabling dashing? Sorry if I posted this in the...
  4. MUSH: Advance Achievement System

    @MushroomCake28 I missed 1.4: Admissible person: A physical person or group of people. As for companies, they are considered an admissible person only if their net worth is equal or higher than 1 000 000 Canadian dollars. and the other one, due to the weird formating of the numbers, and the...
  5. Map Transfer without fade is jerky, not smooth

    I have the same issue, has this at all been fixed in over a year since the last post? It's aggrevating me to no end, since several of my maps require you to transfer (visually speaking) to the exact space you're standing… Can you imagine a classic sonic game, in one of the levels that loop...
  6. Animated Pictures Plugin

    I want to mention that the script is not free. Whether your project is commercial or not; at the time of me posting this, the script has a fixed cost of ≈$3USD.
  7. MUSH: Advance Achievement System

    "the complete terms and licenses" does not mention anything about earning more than $100,000… CDN? What is CDN? Do you mean CAD? Nor does it mention investing more than $100,000. It doesn't mention an income, nor budget, of any kind. So… Is it just straight up free to use as long as I give...
  8. Maliki's Dual Wield ver 2.5

    "(Optional) You can tag any weapons with <OffhandAdjust: x> with x being a number. This will allow the specific weapon to use the given value instead of the default." … What exactly will it use the given value for? What is it that this is adjusting? Do I need to do anything to use the sicript...
  9. Set Initial Value of a Variable

    What is your workaround? I have the same issue. I need a variable to be "???" when the game starts, as all my maps use the variable in place of a name. I have it so the save file shows this variable, and the map names show up as unknown until you actually learn rheir name in-game. Currently, as...
  10. Tex Codes in Map Display Name

    modern algebra's "Global Text Code" script does not work for map names for me. And no one has responded to my request from "Feb 24, 2018". Any other suggestions?
  11. OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    @OcRam I believe I emailed you about some stuff quite some time ago… If you would be so kind to get back to me? According to GMail, I sent the message on March fourth… I also paid for the commercial use of the script for "Rintsunaji Koma"\"Rintsunaji Koma One", if it helps identify the email.
  12. Global Text Codes

    I'm aware Modern Algebra has one such script, but it stopped working and I can't get it to work anymore. I also find putting \* to use any text codes tedious. I'd also like to be able to use the text codes from other plugins in the Map Name Display, or item names, et cetera.
  13. Text Input that isn't Name Input

    I would like to have a text input that has the same setup as name input, but a few changes: • Can use an alternate selection of character pages than the Name Input. As an example, I've put all the special non-alphabet characters on a new page, and it's not able to be swapped to during Name...
  14. Value Dependant Show Picture *Without Using Conditional Branches*?

    I would like to make certain busts show depending on what class and gender the player is, and what class other actors are… Before you suggest LTN Games's Auto Bust, I've read through it, and it seems to just pop the image up out of nowhere, and blip it out of existance afterward. However, I need...
  15. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    Yanfly's website links me here for some AddOns to her engine, but I only see plugins for the MUtation Engine… I tried to see if your website had a page for Yanfly AddOns, but it doesn't even list all the plugin pages, or lists them in a way that the plugin I clicked to go to your website is...

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