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  • Idk why i hate default. Maybe it's why i'm into scripting... so I can edit my game mechanic \O/ lol.

    Don't judge me but, I really hate using default...... am I weird? Cuz i like something that advanced... even my friend said I'm weird because I can solve a math problem with a simple formula but I use the complicated way lol.
    Mega Man Volnutt
    Mega Man Volnutt
    Default is boring and feels like a basic RPG game you see on the mobile app store for 1 dollar sometimes. I like turning it into Final Fantasy or Tactics.
    have you ever seen a witch which is a guy? I want to make one for my game lol. If you have, what anime is it :3
    Alexander Amnell
    Alexander Amnell
       Usually male witches are referred to as either sorcerers or warlocks where they appear in written media at least. Fairly certain warlock was used to describe a male practitioner of evil magic from it's inception, which is likely why you don't run into males with the actual title of witch, though the concept is just as common for men as it is women.
    Or if you even look at Harry Potter, witches and wizards are used as the female/male names of the same type.
    Not an anime, but the first thing that comes to mind is that show from the 90s, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I distinctly remember both men and women being called witches in that universe. And IIRC it was based on a comic book, so maybe they were being faithful to the comic's original terms.

    Also when we studied the Salem Witch Trials in school, there were plenty of men accused of being witches/practicing witchcraft. I don't think they used any terms like wizard or warlock to distinguish between genders, though I could be wrong...
    has anyone heard of lotus2d? I thought it was the next generation of rpg maker...

    mv's developer really should make mv more powerful or lotus2d will take it all.
    it does support javascript. Taken from the site,

    • Support for Javascript plugins. Although we chose Ruby as our main scripting language, we understand that many programmers love Javascript too, and we intend to harmonize both languages in the future.

    and built in image editor,

    • A built-in image editor so you can make really quick modifications to your graphics without ever having to exit Lotus2D.
    Victor Sant
    Victor Sant

     Any further funding will let us work on various extra features in no particular order: instead, we want the community to vote on the extras that attract them the most. Some of them are:  

    They are stretch goals, so they will only happen if the funding goes beyond 58.000 CAD.

    Anyway, looking how things are going I don't think it will reach the goal, Beyond the Kickstarter page, there is not much to see about it, He should've built some more hype about it before trying to go on a kickstarter.

    The software main page is not ready, the forum is not ready. The youtube channel was just started. He should have make the name known before going on a such ambitous campaing.
    so why don't we help them? I really hope this project is succeed.
    just want to know who was experienced in vb.net?

    Maybe we can team up :)

    me, since I was 10.
    i took a course on vb.net & object oriented programming last semester, still learning. :)  
    I'm not newbie but I lost my old account and make a new one ._.
    you could just click the 'forgot password' option and ask for a new one to be sent.  What was your old member name?

    I know but i didn't remember the email and went I reset using my main email *****@mail.com, I got this account.
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I drew one of my chars! The man with 100 kids and a lot of love to give :kaopride:
Me: *about to stalk someone's posts*
Forum: "This member limits who may view their full profile."
Me: *bummer*
Also forum: Advanced search > Posted by ...
Starting a fly by the night dev studio. Anyone want in? Excellent working conditions with onsite lodging. LOL
OMG... I actually managed to recreate my "combat hotkeys" function in MV (eg. press 3 on the keyboard to summon an equip screen to change equipment midcombat).

And it works with Yanfly's Keyboard Config!?

I'm amazed things are working at all, to be frank.
This made me laugh, apparently YT automatically marks my streams as being about "I Wanna Be the Guy"... You know what YT? Wrong game.. but right message, I'll take it. :LZSlol:


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