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    RMMV Christian Edutainment Battle System

    I agree with you. Robert Tilton And Mike Murdock promised miracles for a 1000 dollars. They were preying on the desperate. Thank you for the insight!
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    RMMV Christian Edutainment Battle System

    Yeah there are plenty of greedy scammers treating Christianity as a spiritual lottery system. But the Kingdom of God is within everyone. Though I believe it is important to teach children about false teachers and greed, my goal is to create a game to teach children the foundations of Christianity.
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    RMMV Christian Edutainment Battle System

    Thank you! So far it has some promise, I'm just hoping it'll have the player engaged.
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    RMMV Christian Edutainment Battle System

    When I outlined the first version I categorized sins. For example, if "Hatred" emerged then the player would select John 3:16 to defeat hatred. It was to show relevance of the Bible today with modern problems. I came up with 100+ Bible quotes and I felt like it would bog down the battle system...
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    RMMV Christian Edutainment Battle System

    Hello, I'm in the process of recreating my battle system for Bible Quest. I've gone back to the drawing board and started to rewrite the game. My end goal is to create a Christian Edutainment game but I've been going back and forth on the battle system. At the moment, if "Fear" pops up...

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