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    RMVXA A Long Road Home - ON STEAM NOW!

    Wow, I've neglected this thread quite a bit. Sorry about that. So, a little update: The game has made its way onto Steam in the last few months, and received a few updates, mostly for ironing out a few bugs and text issues. If anyone wants to check it out, please follow the link, you can get it...
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    Cycle through events like it is a button?

    I was thinking of a feature which would need the use of events as buttons. Like when you launch the game and the see the new game, Load game, quit buttons which you can select. My idea would be that the developer would be able to specifiy certain events as buttons, so the player can move the...
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    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hey everyone, Is there a way to export the item IDs into an array with a script?
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    How to save a global variable/array?

    Got it. Just one thing. I have no idea how to do this. :D Edit: Hey, I got it afterall. :)
  5. J_C

    How to save a global variable/array?

    Hello! I'm trying to put together a very basic script which stores numbers in an array. And during the game, I add and remove elements from this array. What I can't do is to make the game remember the actual content of the array if I save and exit the game. Can anyone help me in this?
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    A Long Road Home - AVAILABLE ON STEAM NOW!

    Thank you everyone!
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    A Long Road Home - AVAILABLE ON STEAM NOW!

    Hello! I'm happy to announce that A Long Road Home is available on Steam right now. Our first point and click adventure game launches with a -20% discount for the first week, so if you want to experience the story we created, and test your wit on our puzzles, you can get a copy for only $2,39...
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    A Long Road Home - AVAILABLE ON STEAM NOW!

    Hi, everyone! The Steam release is crawling closer each day, it is only a week off now. A Long Road Home coming to Steam on the 31. January, with Steam achievements and trading cards for the price of $2.99. I would like to thank every help I got from you guys and girls, this is one of the...
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    A Long Road Home - AVAILABLE ON STEAM NOW!

    This month just keeps giving. :D Today, A Long Road Home has been greenlit on Steam, so you can expect a Steam release in a few weeks. Thank you everyone for your support, it means a lot for me.
  10. J_C

    A Long Road Home - AVAILABLE ON STEAM NOW!

    I have great news everybody. A Long Road Home is finally finished, and it is available on right now. It was a long and difficult journey, especially that this is my very first game. A Long Road Home is not a perfect game, but I hope it is an enjoyable adventure game. You can find it...
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    How to make a picture always visible?

    Thank you both, this was it. It works perfectly.
  12. J_C

    How to make a picture always visible?

    Victor's script is right here: I read the script descriptions, but I haven't found anything about adding an exception to the light/darkness effect.
  13. J_C

    How to make a picture always visible?

    Hi! I'm trying to make a HUD system, using pictures as the HUD buttons. My problem is, if there is a map which is covered in darkness (using Victors's light script), the HUD pictures are also go dark, and are barely visible. Is there a way to make a picture always visible, regardless of the...
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    A Long Road Home - AVAILABLE ON STEAM NOW!

    Little update on the Greenlight Campaign.  Received 324 yes votes so far, which I'm fairly satisfied with. Doing some graphical update at the moment, making some of the maps a little prettier with Candacis' tilesets. I hope I can finish it by the first half of the next week. Then I make a few...
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    Is there such a thing as "parallax events"?

    This question struck me as I tried to figure out a HUD system for the game. Is there a way to "pin" events to a position on the screen, so when I'm moving around with the character, the event is scrolling with the screen, and it is always visible at the same exact spot?

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