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    RPG Maker MV Nintendo Switch edition?

    I wouldn't hold my breath on being able to port games to consoles, or even interact with the PC version in any capacity. I would also highly doubt custom made assets would be possible either. While this would be useless to most of us, I bet there's definitely a market out there for people to...
  2. Jack Saintsworth

    Jack's Generator Additions

    Updated the OP with reposted screenshots and an alternate dropbox link to the RAR with all of the hairstyles.
  3. Jack Saintsworth

    Jack's Generator Additions

    Awesome! I'd love to check it out when I get a chance. Also, to everyone who has commented in here since last year (how has it been that long already!?) You're welcome/thank you :)  I hope that I can make some more stuff for everyone soon.
  4. Jack Saintsworth

    Capitalizing on Narrative

    Im really glad I found this topic. A friend and I have begun our journey in making a game, and we're heavily influenced by games like Undertale, and I've been racking my brain trying to find ways to capture that feeling of perfect unity between all of the games elements. It amazes me that a...
  5. Jack Saintsworth

    Galv's Message Busts

    Does this script allow you to have bust images for NPC messages?
  6. Jack Saintsworth

    Mike's Stuff (MV)

    Wow, man, these are really cool. Thanks!
  7. Jack Saintsworth

    Jack's Generator Additions

    Thanks everyone for your kind words, and I'm happy to help :) Look for more stuff soon.
  8. Jack Saintsworth

    Jack's Generator Additions

    You're welcome :) I just downloaded the file I have posted, and the color issue is fixed. Was there something else I don't know about? (All seems to be working fine for me.)
  9. Jack Saintsworth

    Jack's Generator Additions

    Ah crap! Thanks for the heads up. I'll take care of it. Everyone who has downloaded it should redownload..! Edit: Ok, I fixed the rear-view color issue with the male Afro. Though, I wasn't sure what you meant by your second discovery and couldn't see it myself. Did you mean for the Afro as well?
  10. Jack Saintsworth

    Jack's Generator Additions

    Sorry for the confusion, I actually meant that these are free, and always will be, but things I make in the distant future may not be. SO no worries here. Use them for whatever you want. As a matter of fact, I'll just take that line out of the post. EDIT: Also, glad to have helped those of you...
  11. Jack Saintsworth

    Jack's Generator Additions

    So, I plan to release my generator additions that I make for myself here, for everyone else to use. All of these can be used freely in any way you wish. Commercial or non-commercial. As usual, Just credit Jack Saintsworth. I also take requests, but since they're free I wouldn't expect them in a...
  12. Jack Saintsworth

    [Request] More SV Animations + Extend Frame Length

    I second this motion! Been dying to have something like this since I'm drawing higher-resolution battlers.
  13. Jack Saintsworth

    Pause the timer

    Hello all, Just wondering if someone could make a script that causes the timer to pause during battle, or maybe even one that includes a Script Call that can pause the timer. Thanks a ton in advance :)
  14. Jack Saintsworth

    Setting variables to Event coordinates

    Ah, alrighty. In any case, thanks a ton. But just in case anyone else is wondering, I just checked out the topic of script calls (totally forgot it was there!) and figured out how to do it with a script call (which is a bit simpler I guess.) that would be to go into "Control Variables" and then...
  15. Jack Saintsworth

    Setting variables to Event coordinates

    Very nice. Thanks for the clear quick reply. Am I just crazy, or is this new to MV? I feel like that used to require a script call..

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