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  • could you like create a thread on how you created both of those maps. also the lighting effects are killer. a thread would really help a lotta ppl. i checked out the extra resources thread which has add-ons for the pop: horror city pack, but i still cant find some of the things like the cars and shops in the winter map and the christmas tree in the house map. Thanks.

    PLease can you share me the tilesets for both of these two masterpieces that you entered for the love mapping contest!! I just bought the pop horror city pack after i saw that you used it to make this!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZ... cause i didnt find the snow or the buildings in the pack nor the vehicles...
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Ew, why does my blogpost on the rpgmaker.net site look like a garbled mess? Are html codes disabled or something?
I feel that I should cut down on my order queue so I can get some more time for my projects, its been quite a longggg while since I worked on them LOL
I friend of mine insisted on practicing dubbing things with him... and its quite funny, yet, it really takes a huge amount of practice!
Gotta save this for my next thread later...
Finsh all of the walking dead game in a week, such an amazing emotional trip

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