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  1. Catch monster

    Actually, it's the question about event design. Every time you use ball, you check enemy hp, then set variable with a random number, for example 1-10. Then check if variable is less or equal to 6, then you add new actor to your party. So you have a 60% chance.
  2. Issue about too long iconset

    Well, I have a question about black box on the enemy. I found many people ask, and many answer "it's because illegal iconset". But I try it. I use totally blank iconset. And change it's height. Fixed width 512 pixel. Then found it's the problem about height. So I guess MV have max height in...
  3. TerraxLighting about change color

    Hi, A question about TerraxLighting. I use 1.5.1 A question about how to change color after turn on the kill switch. The problem is after I turn on the kill switch the pluin command is dead. It's usable when I turn off the kill...
  4. Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    It's because the plugin has update. In the new version, you need In the database/item/note box.
  5. Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    Yes, you can do that cause I just try it. Actually, you can use function act() to do that. I define a new variables in js and let it store the tool id. Then use act() to use the action. Then define another variable to store the icon sprite id. Then create a new window on the map and drawicon...
  6. Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    I never try that, but I guess you need to do some coding for the job.
  7. EST - Build And Decor EX

    Hi, I found something, and since I am new in JS, so I'm not sure whether I'm correct or not. $.Window_EventItem_includes = Window_EventItem.prototype.includes; Window_EventItem.prototype.includes = function(item) { if($gameParty._decorType && item && $gameSystem.getDecorType(item)){...
  8. Problem with state Icon in Chrono Engine

    Hi I am using Chrono Engine by Moghunter. And I found the state icon will be block by tileset with ★ Any script to fix this. I try change z this._stateIconSprite.z And nothing happen. Actually, when I console...
  9. Change turn to time

    I did it with this. Game_Battler.prototype.addState = function(stateId) { if (this.isStateAddable(stateId)) { if (!this.isStateAffected(stateId)) { this.addNewState(stateId); this.refresh(); } this.resetStateCounts(stateId)...
  10. How to load file

    I did it with this. DataManager.loadGame(id); $gamePlayer.reserveTransfer($gameMap.mapId(), $gamePlayer.x, $gamePlayer.y); $gamePlayer.requestMapReload(); SceneManager.goto(Scene_Map); $gameSystem.onAfterLoad();
  11. Where is the auto remove text

    Just like I said, I don't know where the script is so I didn't do any code. It's just inside the database. Then I found the question about name color. "is no longer poisoned!" I just add \c[15] Text code in front. And only the "is no longer poisoned!" change color. Name is still white.
  12. Where is the auto remove text

    Hi, I got a question about the text show when the state auto remove. "Actor is no longer poison" This is the text show when I got poison and now on the map, the state will remove after some step. I want to change the color of the text. However, when I change the color of the text through...
  13. Question about PH_Warehouse

    Thank you.
  14. Question about PH_Warehouse

    Hi, I got a question about term of use of this plugin, PH_Warehouse There's a License. But I don't get it.(sorry for my bad English) Can anyone tell me if it's free for commercial use? Just credit or I'll need to pay? Thank you.
  15. How to load file

    Great!! Thank you so much.

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