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    Need Help Cutting 2 tile Bed into Doodad

    can you close thread pls
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    Need Help Cutting 2 tile Bed into Doodad

    i manage to solve it i give the image a transparent back there for when i place it with the plug in no white back ground will be there
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    Need Help Cutting 2 tile Bed into Doodad

    i cant post the tile set here cause the original creator does not want reposts But this is the bed im using yanfly doodads
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    Need Help Cutting 2 tile Bed into Doodad

    I'm trying to cut a a 2 tile bed into a doodad to use in my game, the bed is horizontal, but I'm having trouble. I use pixel-edit and also photoshop to try and cut it in 48x48 but it is 4 pieces. But need it whole. When I use 96x96 it cuts but there is always this large white space that i want gone
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    Chratcer submerged in road auto tile

    fixed it thaanks so much
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    Chratcer submerged in road auto tile

    Title says it all, i was test running my game and just notice that my characters are submerge halfway when on my road tiles, idk what made it like this as i have auto layering on while mapping my map. It works fine on the grass tile
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    parallax tileset

    okay thank you didnt know that was repostiing
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    parallax tileset hey im resizing some ace tiles for mv and in the pack and there is one called parallax, i thought it was 768 x 768 like the B to E tiles but turns out its not an B to E tile so i have no idea what the size will be for mv or where i would...
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    thanks just finished it
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    how will i delete the white part the same way i deleted the grass that was there before
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    i have snapped it to grid but it disappears when i move the layer behind the tress pls i need help i want to start working on my game idk why the autotile disappear when placed behind the a4 tile set sheet
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    im confused how i would select and delete the bits i dont want
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    i wanna place the grass in the white spaces between the trees , i know you put it on a layer but how to make it fit idk how
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    anyone that has experience with photo shop and gimp , or another software can you show me how to layer pls im trying to place an auto tile that matches with my grass
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    Editing a5 tileset

    i did it so how will i do the layer thing

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