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  1. Yanfly Plugins Help

    when i type P A T R E O N why does it post as banned.url
  2. Yanfly Plugins Help

    i got it of ******* , turns out i extracted it with 7z file instead of rar, extracting it with 7z and puting in the password dosent work , instead you have to use the rar software to input password, also paying 30 bucks for full collection on itch. io is expensive, There is no password for...
  3. Yanfly Plugins Help

    I just subscribed to his ******* and downloaded every plugin , but when ever i try to place plug everything is blank, is it problem with download or the extraction process i dont know Edit: i extracted it with 7zip, had to download rar than put in password, for it to work
  4. How to Convert tile set from ace to mv

    i will see if the tile maker converted for mv it cause i saw alto of people in comments asking ty
  5. How to Convert tile set from ace to mv

    i want to convert a port tile set from ace to mv to use for my port how do i do that
  6. Background sound Problems

    the sheep baa sound is ogg i converted it myself
  7. Background sound Problems

    When ever the player goes to the world map the background sounds from the town map will start playing , and there is also a short delay before world map song starts to play.Its annoying and i need fix it.The sheep baa background sound keeps playing over and over. I don't know how to make a short...
  8. Pls,help problem with tile sets

    oka okay i understand
  9. Pls,help problem with tile sets

    okayty so much
  10. Pls,help problem with tile sets

  11. Pls,help problem with tile sets

    Hey,i downloaded some tile sets to use in my game but whenever try to use them it ends up messed up i tried to change size but still it does not work , pic below , help we be very much appreciated,ty
  12. Assorted - Damage.png (14 style damage popups)

    How do i use these in the software, i am new sorry
  13. Starbird RTP Edits

    how do i download i am new lol

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