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    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    You add them in with the plugin's parameter settings.  I have a bunch of tutorial-style information in the initial topic; be sure to read through that. In the main menu or the status menu?  If it's on the status menu, and you're using large portraits, the system is set to not show that...
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    New Game Event

    I'm definitely still planning to support it... I just haven't seen posts on the topic, so I guess all's fine in that direction for now? At first, that's what I tried to do... and then I realized it wouldn't work.  Unless there's something I'm missing, when the player is first loaded onto...
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    New Game Event

    The first thing I note there - your error is launching from within a plugin called MBS_SmoothScroll, and it's also passed through MBS_MapZoom.  It may well be due to some interesting interaction between 'em. It appears that those plugins are assuming something about the game's use of maps...
  4. JahwsUF

    New Game Event

    I've tested it in a project with quite a number of them - it ought be compatible with them, though I haven't tested 'em all. Also, could you do me a favor?  When your game crashes, before closing it, hit the "F8" key and copy the red text that appears for me if you can - that might provide...
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    New Game Event

    Ah, thanks.  I just tested your event in a project of mine but had no issue from it - the only problem I found was a black screen after it finished, which was fixed by removing the "Fadeout Screen" commands at your event's end. Just in case this might help, try it out again with this...
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    New Game Event

    Any chance you could copy the event text for me, so I can be sure to replicate the problem?
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    New Game Event

    What are the contents of the event you're trying to run?  Keep in mind that not all game objects are available at the start of the game; for example, the map isn't loaded yet when the event is launched.
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    Plugin parameter storage

    Does anyone know where the system stores the options you specify for a plugin?  I've tried a few times to back up the state of my game before making sweeping changes to debug plugins I've developed, but the values actually changed permanently! Granted, I didn't backup the whole game folder...
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    ; really required after each method?

    As someone who's predominantly a C++ and Java developer, I feel you.  If you think that feels wrong, it feels even worse when you overwrite a built-in method with your own version.  (That's incredibly against proper design principles in industry languages.)  It also feels incredibly wrong...
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    Recommended way to load note-tags?

    I've done this as well, partly because of having read Yanfly's code to learn how to write my own plugins. The majority of game data is loaded when your game boots up.  Not all of it does, though...  should you have note tags on maps or on map-based events, those are only loaded when you...
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    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    #1 - Make sure that the "Page ID" option in the plugin's settings is different between the two versions of the page. #2 - You should have a separate actual copy of the plugin on the hard drive to be imported. #3 - Make sure the window class defined in the plugin copy has a slightly different...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    [/SPOILER] Taking a look at this, I'm left with one question.  Is it possible to have this disabled by default, but enabled when a character in the battle party has a special trait or state?  (Kind of like Libra from FFXII.)
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    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    StatusMenuCore v 1.1.0 1.1.1 is now live! I've given it quite a fair bit of testing, but it's possible I may have missed something in my desire to be done for the night and in my excitement to unveil the new version and its features.  Since 1.1.0's launch, I discovered one bug in the portrait...
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    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    Hey, I'm starting to look at this issue now, but this leaves me with a question.  Does your game also have leveling?  Should I also remove leveling information?  This affects how I'd implement formatting behaviors. .. eh, whatever.  I'll go ahead and make that an option too, 'cause why not...
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    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    Took me a bit to look back at this... I did look at this problem as I was developing the plugin, but I'm actually not sure where (and even if) that data resides in the system.  All the parameters (or ex-, or sp- parameters) seemed oriented toward an Actor's ability to inflict the state, not...

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