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  1. Galv's Message Styles MZ

    Okay, thanks for letting me know. :)
  2. Galv's Message Styles MZ

    Hi Galv, just a heads up, your message plugin doesn't work with Yanflys message core. I turned off Yanflys one, and it works fine. I'm assuming there's just an incompatible issure here between the plugins. Just to clarify, my engines up to date as with the plugins. Thanks.
  3. RMMV Visustella - Active Chain Skills MV

    Ah, man! I wasted £15 for this plug in and it doesn't even work with CTB. sigh* I also bought it for MV and exact same issue as with OP.
  4. Galv's Character Animations MZ

    Cool. Thanks :)
  5. Galv's Character Animations MZ

    Hey Galv, Really appreciate the time and effort you're making plug ins for MZ now. Just a request, are you planning to do your jumping plug in from MV to MZ also? Thanks.
  6. Jay's Dual Tech system

    Thanks for replying, I'm using Mogs master plugin, so it's not Chrono engine or Linear Motion. I'll find out more if anyone else has, if not, then I will leave it for now. Cheers.
  7. Jay's Dual Tech system

    Hey Jay, thinking of buying this plug in, but does it work with Moghunters plug ins?
  8. Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    Aight, ty, I forgot I was still using old version. xD
  9. Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    @bblizzard Hey mate, how do you stop the lighting effects "moving" with the map, please? I'm using Khas lighting. Cheers.
  10. RMMV Deadly Shutter (REMASTERED)

    Heres the download Link if other one doesn't work.

    I apologise for the download link, google drive is being awkward, So heres the official download. Hopefully it should be fine. UPDATE: Combat on certain bosses and some graphical fixes. TO DOWNLOAD: Click on arrow top right corner.
  12. Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    I love this system, but unfortunately it's not friendly for creating my own sprites due to the mess the Config.js file is. Apart from that, it's amazing :)
  13. RMMV Deadly Shutter (REMASTERED)

    Sorry about that, link fixed. Click on popout then download arrow.
  14. RMMV Deadly Shutter (REMASTERED)

    DEADLY SHUTTER (REMASTERED) STORY: Himeko and Kujiro are both students that go to one of Japan's top universities. The pair has been romantically involved with each other for five years, and, as part of the celebration of their anniversary together, they booked a reservation at a restaurant...

    AN ANAGLYPH 3D, COMEDIC, SHORT RPG! SYNOPSIS In a faraway land, lived a King that had won his Kingship and the love of his people within his kingdom, by using only democracy. King Grayze IV, won his battles by using peace and understanding, that had won the hearts of the people all over the...

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