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    Forum Decorum, Community, & Elitism

    Thank you everyone for your thoughtful input on this! With the advent of RPG Maker MZ, and the conversations around paid plugins, I think that RPG Maker may be at a turning point in its history. Our community is perhaps the most defining feature of this engine. It is up to us to define &...
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    Forum Decorum, Community, & Elitism

    I can absolutely see how frustrating these examples would be. I teach others how to use the Adobe CC suite in my spare time, and have experienced this similar refusal of help/information. Especially with the basics! It is very unfortunate, especially when we (as the instructor) are coming from a...
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    Forum Decorum, Community, & Elitism

    "The definition of a beginner is someone who doesn't know what they don't know." Hear, hear! I myself can totally identify with this line of thinking. There are so many things I want to try in life, and I have no idea what I have no idea about. If you asked me a few short years ago what the...
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    Forum Decorum, Community, & Elitism

    Hey there Trihan, thanks for weighing in! Just want to reiterate that this post is by no means my attempt at calling out any one individual. We are a community, and it is my personal belief that this situation is more endemic rather than personal. I think you make a great point about...
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    Forum Decorum, Community, & Elitism

    Thank you for your detailed response! You are very right to point out that, oftentimes, the user/questioner resorts to the same hostile verbal communication I have described above. I won't try to deny that: in every space where there is a divide between experts and beginners, there is some sense...
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    Forum Decorum, Community, & Elitism

    Hello my fellow RPG-makers! I want to open a dialogue about what I see as a rooted issue in verbal communication on the RPG Maker Forum, particularly in relation to the attitudes of a number of our most veteran users. For context, I have been a part of this remarkable game dev community since my...
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    Message Sound Effect [MV & MZ] - Dialogue Blip

    Hi there! I love this plugin; so simply written, and has great compatibility with RPG MZ. I also appreciate it as a valid alternative to the much less compatible/paid VS message sound plugin (which, of course, only works with VS message core.) So far, the only message sound plugin that works for...
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    Rpg story cliches you hate?

    I can't stand the story cliche of the "voice of reason" female character. It drives me crazy when core female characters are just simplified into these vessels of morality, who always have the right thing to say, and speak as if in a poetry competition. It's not a negative depiction, but it's...
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    Project FOSSIL (v1.0): Use MV plugins in MZ! 300+ plugins Fossilized!

    Just dropping into to say that this plugin is my hero! Porting my game to MZ has been been possible only due to FOSSIL. I was devastated to learn that MacOS support for MV was being discontinued...I literally thought all those years of development were going to be tossed out the window; but then...
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    RMMZ Visustella Main Menu Core - Portrait Scaling

    Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having the same problem with my main menu!
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    RMMZ Focus Camera on Event

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    @RivalRamen_Games this comment literally made my day ahah

    @RivalRamen_Games this comment literally made my day ahah
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    This is really cool!

    This is really cool!
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    What a great palette of colors!

    What a great palette of colors!
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    LunaTechs MV/MZ Plugins & Tools

    @LunaTechsDev @inc0der Thank you for your work porting Qplugins to MZ; porting my project from MV would not be possible otherwise!! Much love for your time & work ethic. I love this community. I would like to shamelessly beg for a port of QFollowers, a plugin that adds follower functionality...

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