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  1. Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    I hope this will help you
  2. Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    For me i just put all my project inside chrono engine demo game, is easier that way believe me Just watch Drifwood youtube video about mog abs, it will help you
  3. Force button push

    Ow my god it work, thank you so much Now can i stimulate the same thing but for npc? So they like having a sword fight on the map?
  4. Force button push

    What im trying to do is to press the space/z/enter button in an event, so the character can show this cool animation. I'm using the chrono engine from mog hunter It is so much easier just to stimulate press space/z/enter, then to make the animation it self, the animation is an attack animation...
  5. Force button push

    Is there a way to make an event that force the game to press something, without the player press it?
  6. Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    Anyone know how to check variable for each enemy dead?
  7. requirements to play a game from rpg maker mv?

    Ok just to be safe, should I put the redistrubutables in the game folder? Because i use a lot of plugins and too lazy to see what are the requirements for the plugin to go. I know one plugin and it need WebGl, that one plugin is the cause why am I asking this. Better yet what are the usual third...
  8. requirements to play a game from rpg maker mv?

    I dont want to play it on browser tho, so there is no need of any thrid party app if i want to play it like a regular video games?
  9. requirements to play a game from rpg maker mv?

    I want to send a game to someone via online, but first is there any requirement to play a game that develop with rpg maker mv? Like a third party app, You know like diretcX or vcredist that you get from steam, i know one of them is WebGL, but sre there any other things that I need to play a game...
  10. Follower Control Plugin by Tyruswoo

    I'm kind of confuse can somebody help me? I want to make a movment route for all of my follower. with this plugin how can I do that? Edit: Okay my problem now is to make my follower through on, i'm struggling to do that with this plugin
  11. To make follower through on

    Hey i'm in a pickle here, i want to make my follower through so when enemy chase me, they dont get block by my follower, i already have 2 yanfly plugin the first one is event chase, the second one is encounteraid, in encounter aid already have follower trigger an event, but when combine it with...
  12. Common event at pause menu?

    When player select a party member as the party leader in the formation option, the menu background change for each member when they become a leader. I already make that happen but only when player get off the menu and comeback again then the background is change, i want it to be in an instant
  13. Common event at pause menu?

    I want it to work in the menu screen not when player select some command in the pause screen. In that plugin there is no event when opening menu, only closing
  14. Common event at pause menu?

    To change something depend what player select in pause menu
  15. Common event at pause menu?

    Is there anyway that I can have an common event active in pause screen? Common event only effect at map and at battle, can I make it to effect on pause menu?

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