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  • First off let me say that what I have here is what I have learned from a written tutorial from year 2000(Took me 3 weeks to get this 1 event down, lol). Also I am still some what new to rpg maker so what you see could and probably needs some fixing. With that being said, let's get on with it :) .

    1st you need this "Check" event somewhere in the corner out of the way:

    View attachment 30563View attachment 30564

    After setting up that "Check" event now set this "Revolver" event:

    View attachment 30565View attachment 30566View attachment 30567View attachment 30568View attachment 30569View attachment 30570

    Notice the Autonomous Movement type is set to Custom:

    View attachment 30571

    Change the direction for each page of the Revolver's direction.

    ....Enemy event coming next...
    Looking at your screen shots , Enemy2 page2 last move route still has wait on. My Events do not act right with the waits on. I have not noticed a difference with the skip option but with wait it makes a huge difference for me.
    Hey there, I noticed something you might wanna look at. The setting to have the MaxMP variable on the skills common event should be set to Mp of player if not the player is able to cast even if out of MP :) Hope this helps.
    Please don't use the status feed for this - it's visible to everybody.  If you need game help, just use the forum.  Or PM if you don't want anyone else to see it.
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