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    VX style animations?

    Well thats.... Irritating. Do we know why they decited to remove it?
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    VX style animations?

    I recently got RPG maker MZ, I havent played since RPG maker VX oh a decade ago. I was tinkering with the animations, I remember back in VX you could have multiple particle effects in 1 animation. And you could control which frame each particle effect came in on. I cant seem to find this in MZ...
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    Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    Sorry for the late response I have been away. Yes I would like it if you would convert the script to RGSS2 p.s. I have also acquired a USB Xbox controller and got it working on the computer.
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    Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    OK I did some more testing and none of the input works. Will it matter If I am using a USB PS2 controller?
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    Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    I tried it a little but I could not get it to work. Might be my falt might be the script I couldnt tell. Also how do you call each input?
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    Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    Can you convert this to RPG Maker VX (Rgss2)?

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