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  • Recognizing that I am not an artist, I have decided to spend the month getting familiar with procedurally generated content. I have learned a lot and started making my game editor, so I can put some manual touches in the process.

    Here is a look at my map generator:

    look at how Rimworld renders it's world maps.
    regular noise patterns always look like *this*, with a bunch of disconnected blobs.
    cute if you want a pirate simulator, but not much if you want continents for an empire.
    @gstv87 Thanks for the feedback! I looked at the rimworld maps, but I wanted to clarify what action items I can do to make my map better.

    The main difference that I see, is that rimworld has continents, where mine looks like a strand of islands. I can definitely build in some continents. Let me know if you had any other insights.
    I can probably also get rid of any island smaller than X. I doubt I can build on anything that is only 10 X 10 blocks.
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Man, the game jam seems like fun, but also I've already been putting off working on my bigger project, and I have an artist alley to prep for by March, which may as well be tomorrow with mail times... and I have my actual job, ugh.
Twitch! At it with some game development for a short while! Feel free to drop by~
I figured since I've been using MZ for a year now I should update my primary uses finally. Doubt I will use ACE again unless it is to finish up a couple small ACE projects I still got going.

work in progress

Found some images of the original production drawings from the 1995 GitS movie.
The style I always aimed for but was never able to reach - until now xD
But now I have to rework all the character art.
Life is easier with cheeseburgers. And beer battered fries. I don't want to cook tonight, but if I'm going to, I'm going to eat like a junk food king!

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