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    An RPG Maker eZine: "Advanced RPG Maker"

    Hey guys, Jason here from the HBGames forums, just thought I'd pop in here since Amy was nice enough to link the thread... and say I support this!
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    Scene Interpreter

    Hmm... guess I'll call it from the item scene instead then, I mean it doesn't matter too much, but it would've been a TON easier having it on the main menu. Thanks for your swift replies anyway  :)
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    Scene Interpreter

    Oh yeah, probably should've mentioned this, lol. I'm using YanFly's menu thingymabob, and I've added a new command, which, once selected, plays a common event, which in this case is just the text box... I was hoping they'd work together, but apparently not.
  4. Jason

    Scene Interpreter

    It's a tad late I suppose, but I've got a question, since it's bugging me... I'm wanting to run a common event on the main menu scene, not the item/status/whatever else scene, but it's kicking me off to the map before the common event actually starts, any idea why? The common event is only a...

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