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    Best Screen Resolution

    What about MZ?
  2. Jathan

    MZ Multi-select function was changed.

    Sorry, nevermind. it turns out the type section just doesn't allow it for some reason. It works in the other sections
  3. Jathan

    MZ Multi-select function was changed.

    The function that allows you to select copy and paste multiple items, states, that sort of thing. In MV you just have to right click+left shift to highlight multiple things and then you can copy, delete, like normal. But I've been using MZ and it doesn't work for some reason.
  4. Jathan

    MZ Multi-select function was changed.

    So I've recently carried over a project of mine into MZ and I began recreating some of the items, weapons, types, etc into the new engine and I realized the mult select function was either changed or removed. If anyone knows what it was changed to or if it was erased or something please let me...
  5. Jathan

    Text Speed

    Great job on the plugin btw.
  6. Jathan

    Need a plugin for Multiple Accessories

    Thanks Magnus, great job making it by the way.
  7. Jathan

    Need a plugin for Multiple Accessories

    Hey, @Magnus0808 what are the ToU on that plug-in? It's perfect for a commercial project I'm developing.
  8. Jathan

    RMMV Second Accessory Slot

    @Dopan @Jeremiah Eastman Anyway thanks for both of your guy's help. the MRP_Multiple Accessories plugin ended up being perfect for my setup, and now I'm one step closer. Thanks guys
  9. Jathan

    RMMV Second Accessory Slot

    No problem, I'm by no means an expert with this engine yet so I'm sure some of my terminology is off and can probably be confusing to more seasoned users.
  10. Jathan

    RMMV Second Accessory Slot

    I know about the change maximum button. I have to use it all the time as my project is actually pretty substantial in size. But I'm pretty sure that merely creating an accessory 1 and 2 type wouldn't solve anything since as far as I know you can only apply one equipment type to items. If I'm...
  11. Jathan

    RMMV Second Accessory Slot

    I'll look into it, this is the first I'm hearing of the base engine being able to do that but I'll try to see if I can figure it out based on your images, I don't speak german so I might not succeed though. Thanks for your help.
  12. Jathan

    RMMV Second Accessory Slot

    Any chance anyone could make a plug-in to add a second accessory equipment slot?
  13. Jathan

    RMMV Save/Load Plug-in

    I believe I already have TSR_Save, I'll take another look at it just to be safe but I believe there was a reason I decided against it.
  14. Jathan

    RMVXA The Lucidia Chronicles (30+ hour RPG)

    It looks amazing as far as rm games go, I might just check it out man. congratz on the success.
  15. Jathan

    RMMV The Endless Journey - RPG Dungeon Crawler (Mobile Game)

    This actually looks pretty impressive.

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