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    Character Maker Software (Freeware)

    Something I HAVE found reduces some of the lag/freezing in the software... When working on my software, I thought... Why not just split them? So I made TWO seperate folders and put the creator software in each one, one for males, one for females. Then I just adjusted the config.txt... along...
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    Character Maker Software (Freeware)

    hey everyone! It's been while, and I was just curious if the 'new' character maker software had been sent out to be tested yet.
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    Character Maker Software (Freeware)

    Ok, slight issue with the Underdeep, adding them in the list, for some reason, the Character Generator is not recognizing them there. Anyone else?
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    3D RPG Maker?

    Also, for those who were talking about a certain "smiling" game development software, would say it's actually improved a lot lately. With the addition of common events, better lighting support and FBX support for even older FBX files, in addition to the ability to export and contiue the project...
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    Screenshot Thread (PVGames)

    Absolutely shazam!
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    Character Maker Software (Freeware)

    Like for instance... this is how easy it is... Meet Angelo... one of about 100 such characters I'm putting together for the OTHER project I'm currently working on, Project Janus (Named for the Roman 2-faced myth) - Don't worry, the base template is straight from the Freebies pack. I wanted...
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    well, don't be impressed YET, you haven't seen the final result of this work QUITE yet...

    well, don't be impressed YET, you haven't seen the final result of this work QUITE yet...
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    I'm about to make fifty new PVGames faces... and twenty more landforms... YAY!

    I'm about to make fifty new PVGames faces... and twenty more landforms... YAY!
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    Character Maker Software (Freeware)

    Why can't you just use the free template, remove the eyes, nose and mouth, and add any of the eyes noses and mouths from any of the 10 different faces per gender? The issue with creating that many small parts for faces is that unless you prescribe to the VX/Mr.Potato Head theory, it's really...
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    For those who lost that moment: Falcon heavy, the fastest rocket alive!

    still though... 88 days? vs... what, 6 months conventionally now? This means we can actually GET to Mars and back within a year? That would be a game changer, especially if they can get those habitats sent in the meanwhile with maybe four of those rockets firing in succession.
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    For those who lost that moment: Falcon heavy, the fastest rocket alive!

    Exceeded Mars Orbit in a single day? err.... uh... you mean Moon orbit right? Last I checked Mars, even on July 27th, 2018, will still be approximately 62-65 million miles away? EDIT: OH! wow... yep, that actually happened.........
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    PVGames Resource Pack Tips and Tricks

    I agree... That's why I love QMap Editor and Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads, because yes, those 'chunks' (Love the term, I was using SUPERTILES) could then be laid down like tiles in a tabletop RPG game, big huge tiles that use different tiles and such that could be repeated over and over again...
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    Medieval Tiles - Overworld Map

    Sorry about the delay, but Project: Atlas had to be restarted a bit... so that i could save my settings as uniform settings - However, with that being said, I still have a lot of my meshes and textures, so it's just about getting my shader settings working right in the 3d software (and saved and...
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    Medieval: Underdeep - Finished!

    Small bug - On Tileset 13, your Dwarven Forges that are facing left and right, DO take up the same tilespace as the bottom half of the half-pieces. You CAN cut and paste them and and the diagonals to have them move 48 pixels down each, without interfering with the one lone up/down forge, but...
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    PVGames Resource Pack Tips and Tricks

    What I've found is it's almost always better to create Larger AutoTiles, and use THOSE to build seemless textures, walls and such, and using plugins like Doodads, and QMap Tools, space those supertiles out in a grid like pattern, of say 480x480... this way you can still have those low-resource...

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