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  • Ok, so I just bought your all in one Pack from your page...and ahem...don't you think that pack is just underpriced? I mean, I already bought the madness pack here from the rpgmaker store and ordering this pack still felt like ripping you off. Just saying...would have happily paid 5 times more!
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I have no idea what to do with my evening. I was working on the next Slip into Ruby but I kinda want to do something else for a bit. But I have no idea what. Yay indecision!
I hope your life going smoothly. I wish you do not find difficulty today. It's time to take action. Wish everyone take a break from the usual emotional intensity of social media and simply enjoy the sunshine and light conversation with others. Take action when you see that things are flagging.
okay, i experimented with some more fonts, let me know if theyre easier to read and if you have a preference!

Hiatus; Still doing my best to get employed. :hwink:
Finally took the plunge and got myself MV. Time for some productivity!

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