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    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Love the natural wood grain look! This is way better than the RTP wood counter.
  2. Jennavieve

    Keep at it! I just started working through the Effekseer tutorials the other day. I've never...

    Keep at it! I just started working through the Effekseer tutorials the other day. I've never used anything like it before and there's so much to learn! Looking forward to being able to create some cool custom animations though.
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    RPG Maker MZ: State of Plugins Poll

    1. If you are using RPG Maker MZ for your current game, what plugins are you using? VisuStella's Core Engine & Battle Core, Tsukimi's Pixi Filter Controller, MogHunter's Event Sensor & Actor HUD, and OcRam's Lights 2. If you have not moved to RPG Maker MZ at this time: How much is the plugin...
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    Selling "packs" of RPG Maker Content?

    You could also list them on I always look there for asset packs.
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    How to check if player is Currently Standing On Event

    I've used a similar method to the one above for something else on a map I made and it worked out pretty well. It's a little simpler too. All you have to do is put your desired region ID at the tile where the event is. (ignore the self switch conditional, that was leftover from the page I...
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    RMMZ Unfinished Saga

    Yay!!! Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to your feedback :) Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings either lol
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    Fix for main menu actor name clipping issues?

    Do you really need their last names in there? You could easily solve your problem by just using their first names.
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    Event goes automatic on second page when game starts without command

    Exactly! So you should never have a blank page at the end that does nothing and has no conditions because then your event will always do nothing.
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    Event goes automatic on second page when game starts without command

    Do you have any conditions set for the second page? If not, that's your problem. RPG Maker tries to run event pages in backwards order, so it starts at the very last one and works its way back to the first one until it finds one it can run.
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    RMMV Fire and Water Dungeon Tilesets Search

    I didn't get to see the photos but Kokoro Reflections has a full elemental dungeon set with fire, water, earth and wind.
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    Free Battler Pack (Goblins/Orcs)

    These look awesome! I love the coloring and shading. Looks more realistic/less cartoony than the battlers I'm used to seeing. Nice work :)
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    Aside from lackluster performance for gaming, I think a lot of people still hold this opinion because most games weren't even able to run on Macs years ago. Games used to be pretty much PC only. I didn't even realize games usually support Mac now until recently.
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    Hiding the furniture while room is unused

    Maybe you could just break up the maps into individual rooms instead of having it all on one bigger map? This way you can make it so the player can't access the map for the individual room until the appropriate time and they also won't have any way of seeing inside the room until then.
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    Event Notetags

    You're right. The box is so small I never actually noticed it before. I'm not very good with the coding end of things but it does seem like the note box in events doesn't perform the same way as other things. I think that's why they allow comment tags. Try just putting your tag in a comment in...
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    Event Notetags

    As far as I can tell, events don't have a "note" section like maps and other things. But there is an option to add a comment and you can put a <comment tag> in those which basically functions like a notetag.

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