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  • Welcome back! I hope things are going well for you.
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    Jeremiah Eastman
    Jeremiah Eastman
    Things are improving despite what seems to be the fates conspiring against me.:smile: The new update should be out shortly after new years. I recently created battler sheets for crocs and I think they came out pretty decent for being my first true from scratch set of animations. Can't type much here so it's really great to hear from you hope your holidays are going great talk to ya soon.
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    Hey, looks like you’re back. Hope you’re doing well man
    Jeremiah Eastman
    Jeremiah Eastman
    Hey bud good to see you're still here=). Aye all's well on my side, so happy to be back at it. Been working hard on the game for a while now 1.9 is coming soon and it has a lot of improvements. Anyways good to hear from ya, talk to you later.
    Super excited to play test the new version. Bug hunting this game is always a fun experience.
    Hi! Welcome back! Hope things are going well with the family.
    Jeremiah Eastman
    Jeremiah Eastman
    Thanks much and it's great to see you're still here=). Life has been finally getting back to a bit of normalcy and I've been working on the game for about a month now. I plan on having a lot done before the new update but it's still a little while off I would say. Hope all has been well for you and I'll talk to ya later.
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New sprites in my project!
Updating my stream thumbnail collection here Streaming more game dev in 30 minutes or so. :LZSexcite:

Programming languages are amazing.

Someone needed help with a problem in C#. I've got 0 experience in C#. I read 0 lines of their code. I only knew what they wanted to do. I wrote a completely generic code in Javascript containing the generic answer. But they understood what I was doing and translated that to their code. 20 seconds later, problem solved.
been using ChatGPT to write a new story. I told it to :
generate a word like gundam for a false prophet super AI

it answered :
"NOVUS" as an acronym for "New Omnipotent Virtual Unit for Synthetics"? sounds similar to "gnosis," which is a term associated with knowledge and spiritual enlightenment, fitting the theme of a false prophet.

Five traps done, more on the way!
Stay tuned!

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