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    Battle Formations - Breath of Fire series style!

    Hey man, I'm looking for a 5 party solution as well. I'd be keen to use your's when you're done.
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    ATB Interrupt

    I had a feeling that would be needed to know before anyone could help - I also just discovered I have to make a tick based system as it's not the default in MV. I've got my eye on the Ellye's ATB plug ins but haven't had a chance to play around with it yet.
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    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Hi, is there a way to use note tags to tint assets in battle? I'd like to be able to darken specific enemies, actors and the battle back separately so I can visually emphasize who's turn it is and when they perform a special technique.
  4. jessee_p

    ATB Interrupt

    Hey guys, I've scoured through various ATB plug ins out there, but I'm trying to create a skill that when used on the enemy it resets their ATB value to 0. In other words their turn is delayed. I emphasize that I don't want to slow the rate of the enemy's ATB, I want to simple force a value on...
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    Back on the RPG making train since abandoning RM2k3 projects in 2008!

    Back on the RPG making train since abandoning RM2k3 projects in 2008!
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    Several existing plug-ins in one [MV]

    Hey guys, So I have two requests. #1 These two plug-ins are not compatible with each other, but I really want to use them. Plug in: Yanfly's Party System Purpose: 5 actors in party Plug in: Nina's Battle Formations Purpose: Preset formations and actor positioning. Each position having its...
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    Battle Formations - Breath of Fire series style!

    Can't wait to use this, but I get "Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded" error at "New Game". Only when I use Yanfly's party system plug in. Looks like you're already working on this though. *waits patiently* :)
  8. jessee_p

    paying collaborators or not

    Thanks Kes Still new to the forum and the politics on here. Feel like being a new user, people are less willing to reply. So thanks for the advice. I haven't seen the Commercial discussion forum. I shall look out for it..
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    Hurt Sounds

    I get this error as well. Particularly when I use Yanfly's party system plug in. Something to do with using 5 battlers, doesn't seem to like it.
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    paying collaborators or not

    Hey guys, New to this forum but definitely not new to RPG Maker. I've got a big project that I want to approach professionally, even though it is nonetheless a passion project made in my own time. Just wondering how people in this forum find collaborators on your project, and whether you've...

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