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    Simple Fog Event Tutorial for RPG Maker VXAce

    I put the show picture with an opacity of 0 I would guess that the common event and switch technique would work in a better way though.
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    Better looking water tiles

    I don't think I have read a simpler tutorial to follow to date. I will be puting this to use as soon as I can.
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    Simple Fog Event Tutorial for RPG Maker VXAce

    Just going to add some tips if you have some troubles like I did Event 2 page Move Picture - have 'centred' for all of them. If the picture goes off the page (it will have a clear bit on thed edges) increase the zoom. The map I put it on was 25 wide and a 500 zoom was just not quite enough so...
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    Event System Support (expert users only)

    @Arcador I generally use Self Switches to change event pages and then have them as a condition to start the page. For example: EVENT PAGE 1 Text: bla blab la Choice: Do This Self Switch A = ON (this takes you to EVENT PAGE 2, where you have the condition Self Switch A ON, which is on the...
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    Enemy HP Bars

    I had trouble getting the Basic Enemy HP Bars v1.1 by V.M. (First script) to work as a Plug and Play script (I also have ZERO scripting experience and don't plan on getting involved anytime soon). I got a dynamic constant assignment error for line 51: for Enemy in $game_troop.members I did a...
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    How to make a teleportation device with multiple locations

    I signed up just to say thanks for the good teleport events. (I was probably going to sign up anyway). I have only been using RPX Maker for about 3 days and going through the process of inputting all the event... ahhh 'inputs' taught me a lot about how things work. And I have a working teleport...

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