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    Random Static Enemy Appearances

    @Waterguy has made a very small thingy to solve this problem! IHopeThisIsEnoughOfAnUpdateToNotBeADoublePost Thank you! Leaving this with permission so that others can use it too. Thanks for all the help! :ohappy:
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    Random Static Enemy Appearances

    Ok... :osad: I didn't think it would be this hard to convey that I wanted random enemy appearances for static enemies and I'm trying to avoid needing duplicates of enemies, although Swap Enemies is a great way to randomize the troops themselves. I don't even know how using SVs would work, since...
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    Random Static Enemy Appearances

    I appreciate the help, but that isn't my intention at all. While I can make random sets of enemies using swamp enemies, I don't want to have like 5 identical copies of the same bat just to add some visual variety. The function exists beautifully in Yanfly's SV Enemies plugin, a version but...
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    Random Static Enemy Appearances

    wait wut how did i get misinterpreted this badly :osad: <Static Battler: Bat1> <Static Battler: Bat 2> Would, when encountering a bat, randomly select one of the static images from enemies or sv_enemies, therefore adding randomization to static enemies. The idea is a static version of...
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    A Debuff State with Its Own Health

    Such a thing can be created with Yanfly's States/Buffs core with Lunatic Mode, but I'm not quite good enough to make it, but if you add react checks for certain skills to deplete the state's counter (its 'HP'), then remove state upon 0 'HP', it will fit perfectly. For the layered effect, a...
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    Static Actor Battler

    I second this because I ran into bugs that refuse to go away. A solution to stick a sprite on an actor would be greatly appreciated! :ohappy:
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    Random Static Enemy Appearances

    first thread woot ;D Yanfly's SV Enemies plugin contains a notetag (<Sideview Battler: filename>) to give your enemy a random pool of SV battlers to choose from (multiples add more random options), but there's no option (or even plugin) to allow this for static enemies. Nothing fancy, just a...
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    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    I've encountered a very persistent, annoying bug, or rather two of them. If I put true, false or blank in the Mirror Animations field, the game crashes with "Cannot read property 'actor 1' of undefined", the source appearing to be from the plugin itself, but I can't verify that. If I put in any...
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    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    This plugin is indeed very close to being the 'ultimate pixel movement' plugin, and is indeed very good, but the only flaw I've found is that if you transition to another map and are on a transition event, you'll activate it instantly without letting you walk off it, thus making it...
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    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    HOLY CRIKEY. A total replacement for Yanfly's entire recolor sheet?! Just a day ago, I made a bunch of yanfly-recolors of the weapon icons then I return to a treasure trove of amazing icons. Please don't ever lose your artistic talent! :D EDIT: Your MP3 fell into the water attacks.
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    waynee95's Achievements Plugin

    Oh nice! Thanks waynee95! I even figured out two possibly useful conditions for people to use: $gameParty.members().indexOf($ > -1 will grant the achievement if that actor is in your party and while probably common knowledge amongst programmers, but I managed to...
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    waynee95's Achievements Plugin

    Awesome! Small question, is it possible to put an achievement into multiple categories?
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    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Forgive me if I'm dumb or if this bug is already known or fixed, but when I last tried out this plugin, the only bug I found was if you have more actors than there are cells, the game crashes if you select another actor. What I mean is if you have 5 cells but 10 actors, selecting a 6th causes a...
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    CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    This plugin is amazing, but it just has a couple little problems I've run into; It doesn't work well with Swap Enemies, as it will only register the swap enemy, or if you add <cgmvencyclopediahide>, then nothing shows up. Also I see no way to alias the icons, so even pixel icons will be blurry...

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