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  1. Attack Random Enemy OR Ally

    That's genius.
  2. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    I just want to say thank you. I just started working on RPG Maker MV, and it's amazing to see a resource like this -- for free, no less. I'm blown away by your creativity and generosity. I eagerly await the moment I will be near completion with my first game (a short one, as everyone here...

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Wave's Elite guard comes to attack while you traverse Lab 5... They've got jetpacks too.
Making a weapon stronger according to the user level!
God, I wish I could afford a big band for my game. Not like... Foo Fighters or whatever. A big brass band. For ridiculous jazzy nonsense ala
Let it be known that I am very forgetful, and I often forget that I was engaged in conversation with people
here (and every other community I'm on). So if I ever stop replying to PMs or comments, please don't take it personally and just send me a reminder to reply XD
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Hi I tried to download the fossil plugin but I got a 404 message from github

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