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    Effekseer to MZ problem

    this is the settings for my animation. it's like the last frame of the spritesheet is lingering for a few seconds in mz instead of instantly ending like in effseeker
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    Effekseer to MZ problem

    So I'm redoing MV animation with Effekseer to be put inside MZ animation. I'm able to run it fine in Effekseer. But once I test it out in MZ there is a delay at the last frame of the animation I can't seem to get rid of. Did anyone else have this problem as well?
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    Battle Damage Font

    ok i got it now thank you for the help
  4. jinkazama01

    Battle Damage Font

    Is there a way to change the default battle damage font in MZ. I know in MV we could just change the image file. I couldn't find it in the MZ system folder.
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    Legend of Astral

    Sorry about the audip file here it is. just add to the bgm folder I'll work on the grammer and maps. As for skills I have it as a feature to equip and remove spells and skills.
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    Legend of Astral

  7. jinkazama01

    Legend of Astral

    Game Synopsis: Twenty years before the start of the game was a great catastrophe called the Astral Fall. It wiped out nearly ninety percent of the human populations. While it nearly wiped out the human race it turned it's wildlife into monsters. After the Astral Fall some of the remaining human...

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