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First time I've seen the shelves full in my local shop in a while. Still no soap, though.
RachelTheSeeker wrote on StormyRange's profile.
Hey! Haven't I seen you before? :p Good to see you on a RPG Maker site; am pleasantly surprised. :)
When you really think about it, the Trolley Problem is pretty dumb.
StormyRange wrote on Magusalfador's profile.
Hi! I saw you ask @DreamX about that recording Enemy Troop number to a variable and wondered if you got the updated version? I asked them too but they've not been seen a few years, thanks!
StormyRange wrote on DreamX's profile.
Hello DreamX! Your Targeted Enemy Troop # recording variable would be super useful but I believe it's become outdated, I see you've not been around for a long while but I thought I should reach out anyway just in case!

Even if someone can just point me in the direction of what would need changing from an update log I could try my hand at scraping some kind of fix together

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