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    What can be done to make RMMZ to have overwhelming positive reviews?

    Two things I was very much hoping for in MZ would've been lighting effects (seriously, having to turn to dead plugins for that sort of thing is a pain) and a free/pixel-based movement system so your characters aren't locked to a grid any longer. Also, while I'm not put off by complexity, at a...
  2. JLowther

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Honestly, they could probably take most of Yanfly's plugin concepts and add all of that functionality right to the base engine. So many of his plugins provide functionality that should just be baseline to start with.
  3. JLowther

    Out of the loop: collisions/off-grid plugins?

    Sorry for the late reply, but yeah, I had tried Yanfly's and it can't handle maze pathfinding which is what I need it for. Thanks though.
  4. JLowther

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    You can make an event delete itself with this script command: $gameMap.eraseEvent(this._eventId); However, Emperpep's technique is more advisable because you can reuse that event later if needed. Once deleted, I believe they're just gone until you restart the game or maybe leave and reenter the...
  5. JLowther

    Importing events into others by criteria

    It's a strange situation, I admit, but what I'd like to do is basically allow each event to copy another event based upon a certain variable enabled at the time. This actually wouldn't be an issue at all except for the fact that event pages cap at 20, as many of the events that are activated...
  6. JLowther

    Importing events into others by criteria

    There are a few plugins that I've found that can import events into other events (Yanfly's and QImport), but I've yet to find one that can import events based upon certain criteria. For example, I have an event that I want to import its settings from a list of template events. In the primary...
  7. JLowther

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Likely too long after the fact, but QImport, while it works fine for notes in the event, doesn't seem to work at all for importing events within pages. I have the <importing> tag in the event note and a comment with the text <import:event,13,4,0,0> (to choose map 13 and event 4, placing it at...
  8. JLowther

    Creating a new event IN game

    Is there any method (either by plugin or JS command) to simply create a new event while the game is actually running? I'm building a maze-based survival horror with randomly placed events and one of the things I'm having to do is create a plethora of events beforehand and then have them moved...
  9. JLowther

    Assigning region ID based upon terrain tag

    Shaz.... Please tell me you didn't just write me a plugin or heavily modify an existing one. D: It works like a charm, and apologies for not answering the other questions but I was posting in the moments before bed/work. I was using Hikitsune-Red's "Set Region ID" plugin which can't batch alter...
  10. JLowther

    Assigning region ID based upon terrain tag

    Hey, Shaz. Long time. :) I want to do it because of this: ...And the fact that it goes by region ID to determine height. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but I'm creating a...
  11. JLowther

    Assigning region ID based upon terrain tag

    Wondering if anyone has heard of an easy method of making a certain terrain tag assign the tile a specified region ID as well. For example, I'd always like terrain tag 3 to assign region #24 to that tile. This can be done manually, or even automatically with the right scripting, but doing it...
  12. JLowther

    Moving an event to the cursor (used to work)

    Bumping this as it's been well over 3 days.
  13. JLowther

    Out of the loop: collisions/off-grid plugins?

    I'll check it out, thanks!
  14. JLowther

    Out of the loop: collisions/off-grid plugins?

    Been away from MV for a while and want to know if anyone has any recommendations for plugins that offer: -a better collision system -off-grid movement -AI pathfinding -is still actively supported That used to be QPlus, but it's since been abandoned (it happens), so does anyone have any...
  15. JLowther

    Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    Any thoughts on how one might have the lighting of a tile change (and remain that way) as the player walks over it? (other than spawning invisible events everywhere the player steps, I mean...)

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