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  • Apparently you need money to buy MV, who knew! In the meantime, learning Javascript. I should be an expert by the time I can afford it!
    I have a story ready to go! I'm concerned how easy it was. Usually I'm up late, shouting at my monitor on a caffeine buzz.
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    Vincent Chu
    Vincent Chu
    I've only started writing as a hobby a bit over a year ago (despite my old age). I'm more of a fan of deep, emotional stories with mystery and plot twists though. I wonder if I'll eventually change into a simpler style over time?
    You can still have in depth stories full of twists. You just need to be smart how you write it. Don't introduce elements that serve little purpose. For example if your character gets stabbed in the chest but is saved because he has a wad of cash in his wallet, the audience feels cheated. If your character loves money, established earlier, then the stabbing scene has a better pay off.
    That's just one example. Game of thones looks complex but when you know how to spot elements it's a very straightforward story.
    Apparently working out story mechanics for a new RPG is not "work productive" who knew!
    nope, they do useful and time spent for that was worth it.
    starlight dream
    starlight dream
    Who's the villain that told you that? o_O Breaking every rpg maker's heart like that... not nice..
    But seriously, in the case of an RPG, story mechanics are very important. They're the game's skeleton so to speak. And it's hard work, to figure all that out..
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