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    Change Font in-game

    Hey @JamesRyan & @mogwai , Many thanks for your input! Yes I've try out the one from SumRndmDde but it doesn't quite fit my need. Basically I need the font change when I switch between language in option, maybe a script call? The plugin I'm using to switch language...
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    Change Font in-game

    Hello everyone! I'm developing a game with multiple languages, where each of them using different fonts. I'm wondering is it possible to switch font or font size in-game? Either with switches, comment, scriptcall or ETC. I would appreciate much if someone can help me with this. Thank you so...
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    Iavra Localization

    Hi @Iavra! I'm using different font for alternate language and I'm wondering is there anyway to change the font when you switch language? Many thanks for the amazing plugin!
  4. JoePie

    Export Messages to Text (.txt)

    @mogwai , just tried the export, perfect! Thanks a bunch for the script and support!
  5. JoePie

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    @ShellFlare @Lecode , Thanks! It fixed by comment out the line mentioned!
  6. JoePie

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Thanks @Lecode for this wonderful piece. One little issue, I can't click on any tiles under the character window, is there anyway to get around it?
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    [CLOSED]Art/Game's Anime-Wannabe realistic Portrait!

    Hey @Saneterre, sorry for late reply, been months since I last visit this forum. Unfortunately I had to close this thread up to concentrate on my own game. But you're the first on my list if I ever reopen the thread again! Cheers!
  8. JoePie

    Export Messages to Text (.txt)

    Hi @mogwai, for some reason it can't allocate my folder properly. Is this script work for Mac only? Bow to your kindness though. This could save me so much time in proof reading!
  9. JoePie

    Capture Enemies

    Gotcha @DreamX. This plugin is getting better and better with your support.
  10. JoePie


    Thank you @SquirrelShounen! This is only an Alpha so let me know if you found any bugs or grammar issue with it! Thanks again!
  11. JoePie


    I know @Sekunri. I'm hours late for another competition ended by 30th. *patting*
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    Paradog is a short game created for Learning Together Game Jam. Take time around 5-10min of gameplay. Real short. Story entwined between a dog and some cute Halloween creatures. Can you endure the Horror Cutiness? Window ver. (78mb) Mac ver. (78mb) Plugins & help from Game...
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    VE - State Graphics

    Looks interesting! I'm wondering can this change the front view enemy image too? 
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    Demo have deleted all skill/state and etc. Create 1st skill which automatically set as Attack, and 1st state which is Knockout and Voila!
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @Knayter and how I love bloody scene XD That girl in purple hair looks like KOF's Athena though XD

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