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    YEP Action Sequences: Premades/Requests Current Sequence: Driving Spike

    @Nosidag the // I use is just for a reference so I know what the next few lines are supposed to accomplish. It makes debugging the sequence so much easier when you can pinpoint the area where your sequence is messing up. As far as separating setup from target actions, the general rule of thumb...
  2. Johnboy

    YEP Action Sequences: Premades/Requests Current Sequence: Driving Spike

    @Lionheart_84 I was going to do the full sequence from renzokuken to lionheart. If you just want the lionheart part I can probably whip that up when i have a few minutes. There's not much involved with just the lionheart part, just 7 hits to various parts of the front of the enemy, followed by a...
  3. Johnboy

    YEP Action Sequences: Premades/Requests Current Sequence: Driving Spike

    Hurray for long weekends! Though I didn't manage to get all the action sequences done, I did manage to lay the groundwork for most of them. I need some more time with SRD's timed attack plugins to familiarize myself with them and I can really put together a decent Lionheart sequence. I did...
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    Skill & Element Tracker - Keep track of what the heroes do

    This is an interesting plugin. Also, welcome to the forums. :smile:
  5. Johnboy

    YEP Action Sequences: Premades/Requests Current Sequence: Driving Spike

    I'm looking into making this action sequence this coming weekend, as it's a holiday weekend and due to current world events, I can't take my kids out. Would each hit do normal damage or is the damage going to increase or decrease with each hit? I don't use Irina's or Olivia's plugins, so I...
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    Dual wield animation

    I believe there are plugins that allow you to use custom spritesheets with more frames. I'm not sure that any of them were written to use any of the dual-wield plugins though. Maybe someone could make something compatible with Yanfly's action sequence plugins to call the extra frames. If I could...
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    Dual wield animation

    It shows each individual weapon with each swing. If you are looking for the actor to swing with both hands that's going to require new spritesheets and probably a plugin to go with it.
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    Dual wield animation

    This one is probably the best one I've used but you'll have to pay for it. Ramza keeps it updated and fixes bugs.
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    Gamepad Configuration

    Not really trying to hijack this thread but does anyone know a way to add this to the Yanfly Options core plugin? I feel this might be useful to the OP as well since it seems they use Yanfly plugins.
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    YEP Action Sequences: Premades/Requests Current Sequence: Driving Spike

    Ya, sorry about the major lack of updates. I recently went through a career change as well as welcomed a third child into our family. So time has been at a premium lately. I hope to continue making some more of these sequences soon.
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    Save points: Yes or no?

    I use a combination of save points, auto saves and free saving. Save points will only be found immediately before a major encounter in dungeons. Auto save is done on every map transfer, which has two dedicated slots for autosaving and alternates saves so that the player has the possibility to go...
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    Blood/sparks Dmg visuals.

    You should be able to achieve this with Yanfly's Action Sequence plugins using conditionals and some passive states on enemies. Can't really lay it all out right now but I will try to later when i have some more time.
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    How to make black magic unique; advice, and a thought experiment.

    Black magic could have different meanings in different settings. Just because the accepted role of black magic is destructive in nature, does not necessarily mean that black magic should be destructive in nature in your game. As for mixing it up, I would branch off into different paths...
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    Save Thumbnail

    This could be very handy, Thanks for sharing.
  15. Johnboy

    Fullscreen Option

    F4 will make the game fullscreen within the engine.

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