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  • Hey guys and girls.
    I again have an experimental project on my hands. This time, instead of a board game, I wanted to make a cards collectors game. But... Without use of any plugins for card games!!! I only used a handful of Yanfly plugins.

    Wanna know more?
    I am kind of depending on feedback right now. I posted a link to my project in several places, and even though the project is tried out by different users, I have not gained too much feedback just yet.

    If you're up for giving me feedback, check the topic about it on the forum:
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"Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is."-Krishna
FastFood in my country is neither fast nor cheap like it's expected to be, but people still buy a lot of it. I don't want to imagine how much of it people would eat if it was.
Started finishing up my bosses and characters...I don't know how long...but its going to take long...

I ended up needing to do a chapter one world map remake. It's still WIP but coming along nicely. =D
Stream will be live shortly! I will be beginning a play-through of Resident Evil 4! Feel free to drop by!

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