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  • Hey guys and girls.
    I again have an experimental project on my hands. This time, instead of a board game, I wanted to make a cards collectors game. But... Without use of any plugins for card games!!! I only used a handful of Yanfly plugins.

    Wanna know more?
    I am kind of depending on feedback right now. I posted a link to my project in several places, and even though the project is tried out by different users, I have not gained too much feedback just yet.

    If you're up for giving me feedback, check the topic about it on the forum:
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Some random sketch-letons.

I have a strong urge to make a tutorial video of all the random things I've learned since starting on my game. little helpful tips and stuff that may help people.
Do you guys think it's better to have all members in your team from the beginning (then you can pick who battles) or you gain team members as the story goes?
PL: Patch polonizujący do RPG Makera 2003 prawie gotowy! Mamy przetłumaczoną bazę danych (projekt), polskie fonty, wiadomości walki i jakieś 90% edytora.
Do przetłumacznia pozostało te 10% edytora i plik pomocy. Niedługo więcej informacji!

Defeating a boss in Aletoirs Feast means a bunch of rewards, one of them is the "awesome loot crates" a gift that gives you a random piece of equipment ¡Totally Free! and with 4 types of crates rarity who knows? maybe you will get a legendary weapon in your first run

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