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  • I did a lockpicking system on request:

    I am not the only one who took a shot at this, @Spaske and I kind of challenged each other to see who made the better system. :p
    FREE puzzle generator in steam workshops. It will randomly generate countless puzzles.
    If you have the steam version of MV, you can see how I made the puzzles and freely copy/paste the events into your own project.

    I might add more generators to the steam workshop in the future.


    I did a video review on Psychronic Games' Star Shift Origins, as they did a review on my game.
    Check it out!
    This game looks wicked awesome. Hope to watch more of this video soon...
    Psychronics Games is doing a livestream about my game in a bit... And I will do a video about his game after that.
    Watch their stream with us on youtube!
    I have uploaded my Pastel Life tileset to MV resources on the forum.
    The set is made to be Easy to Edit and absolutely Child Friendly.

    The set is far from finished, so there will be updated coming up...
    Here is a little preview, though.


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    I opened one of my old projects again. I made a 2 to 4 player board game system, maybe 2 years ago. There is no AI and all players play on 1 system. Like a pass the controller situation.


    So that is what I will be doing this weekend.
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    Seems interesting! By the way, the pass the controller situation is more commonly known as Hotseat. :wink:

    I just created a puzzle system for someone else. It generates math puzzles and it has 7 difficulty settings, between easy and nearly impossible.

    I like what I have made, and it works like a charm... I mean... It could be a lot prettier, but that is not my job in this case.

    I wish I made this for myself! :p I have so many ideas how I could use it.

    Edit: Made a vid!
    Some people make games scarier by bringing in real world fears such as natural disaster, burglars, or kidnapping. But here we see the scariest real world fear of all- Math!
    Math is not scary, just often misunderstood. ;)
    Please do not make status posts asking people to check your forum thread. Status post rules can be found via the Help link at the top of every page.
    Oh, I actually tried to ask to check out my demo. Just thought it would be a handy to do it trough my thread. I changed it though.

    I'll read the rules, but... There are so many rules. :p I kinda thought it wouldn't matter that much what I put on my own profile. (I mean, other than the obvious don'ts.)
    I made my characters wait in line for their turn to order beer in the mansion.
    The more friendly characters you meet, the more friends will gather up here.
    The more friends gather up, the longer the line at the bar.

    And you, as player, has to wait in line, just like anybody else!

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    @Tea's Jams Thanks!
    I am planning on buying a license for bandicam. Of the ones I tried, I think this one the best, by far. I am not really bothered by the watermark, for now. As soon as I start selling my game (soon, I hope...) I will need watermark video's.
    The bad audio is not the software's fault. I just need a better mic. Now using a 10 dollar headset. :p
    Tea's Jams
    Tea's Jams
    That works too! :LZSjoy:
    @Tea's Jams The thing is, I never made a penny with my games so far. So I don't feel bad for using free tools. For now. :p

    By the way, did you try the game? I'd love to hear your opinion about it.
    If you have not played it yet, you should check it out.
    It is a HTML game, no download or login is needed.
    >>> LINK <<<
    I made a video update on the game.

    In this video I show you a few new features in my game:
    - New flash-screen, showing before the title screen.
    - New intro soundstrack (by Arkbeats)
    - New daily reward system
    - Gameplay against medium advances opponent

    Hey guys... I would really love some feedback on my project.
    Feedback is best given in the main topic about my game:

    Thanks in advance!
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Went to see Jujutsu Kaisen 0 yesterday, it was cool. The movie wasnt really a masterpiece, it had some pacing and characterization problems, but overall I enjoyed it, maybe because it was the first anime film I have ever been to in the cinema lol. The battle animation & music were top-notch. I havent seen much of the anime so people who watched the entire season would probably like it more.
Finally satisfied with the main menu xD

The plan was to have battle sprites in the menu...But these faces from Ocean's Nostalgia look pretty damn good imo. (Will have to adjust for them ofc and maybe recolor to match the overworld/battle sprites more)
It's always disturbing to me to see my cat eating something off the bathroom floor.

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