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    Looking for Prelude of Identity

    thank you so much for your post
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    Need help building a gaming PC!

    thank you so much for your post
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    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    I can only scratch 2
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    The songs that get stuck in your head

    I watched Frozen 2 at the weekend need I say more?
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    Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    I honestly believe Geralt of Riviea is a rip off of Elric of Melnibone.
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    Self Care Tips :D

    I started taking care of my skin over the last few months and it made such a difference. I clean up every night and use a protein moisturizer. I also use an exfoliator with AHA twice a week and a lip mask when needed. Masks are also great for giving my face a fresh look and feel. I like to use...

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Wish me luck. One of the leading experts on certain false shuffle is going to check if my skill is good enough to be called "not total trash".
Not an RPG Maker Update but I'm happy to say that I finally passed my drivers written test. Which makes me a happy guy.
Have you ever been in such a luck streak you felt fear something was wrong?
I'm going to be adding in combat animations, revamping the UI and putting in a new cutscene this week, so this is your last chance to play the MC:RIS demo in its original form! Say you were there since the beginning!
I added reflections and shadows. Though one of the party seems to have no reflection, is floating, with glowing eyes. I'm sure it's fine.

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