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  • I'm going to Singapore tomorrow! Oh and BTW: 21/12/2012 is another beautiful day here in Jakarta, so its =/= the end of the world! xD
    Oh God, please rewind time for just 30 minutes, if You did, my whole class would forget the fact that I wore Spiderman underpants, and Spiderman clothes in public!
    No worries, now only the whole of RMW knows :D
    do you have spiderman underpants, are the kiddies at school getting you down, YOU NEED THE BRAND NEW "Kids-who-laugh-at-you-Incinerator"
    No embrace the Spiderman. Be proud you them in public.
    I'm going on a field trip from Dec. 4-6.... so I won't be online, just if anyone is wondering.
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A group of Game creators and others who trying to revive the Feel of Multiplayer and TOWN/ROLEPLAY games
Wow, lots of RPG Maker MV stuff on sale on Steam for 50%-75% off. Steam, why you not tell me?!
looking for help on top secret project
The nick "Toeuia" that I'm using comes from a, idk, you okay the chess game while chit chatting them. The first two are students. Then you know, finally, the champion, and then the champion's sensei. I played like this so many times until suddenly there's another chess master. Very naive but super smart. After he lost, he kinda advised me not to give up on chest. Because the next one was never seen beaten. Touya.
I'm currently playing Ara Fell - I can see why it's had generally good reviews. The exploration aspect is pretty strong and the writing is passable.

The game auto-saves and offers an option to turn back just before each major combat, and immediately brings the player back to the last position saved when there's a TPK. Convenient at the very least.

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