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  • Am I the only one who can't stomach the idea that a zombie you fight later in the game has enough ATK to one-shot the beefy Ogre who is an early boss of your cave dungeon? What's wrong with me?!
    The most amazing thing about MZ so far is honestly that I can put a B tile one space above another B tile, and if it belongs underneath it (like a tree that would be blocked by another tree, or some other B tile), it CORRECTLY places it in front of it, without me having to re-map the tile below it. What is this sorcery?! I love it!
    just sending a message, to see if you noticed my reply to u, and to see if my answer was of any help or not.
    Thank you! I didn't see a reply for a while and never got a notification so I actually did not notice - so thank you also for letting me know! Very kind of you, much appreciated.
    anyone have a good video tutorial specifically on how to map a town? ace or mv
    I don’t have a video, but what work should for me is one: Having an idea of what I want before hand. A vertical mountain town or a riverside village.

    Two: If my mind is completely blank I map out the road/path and take things from there.
    Indrah had some mapping tutorials at one point I think, not sure if they're still around though, might search for them. My recommendation though is to look through the screenshots thread, find some maps you like and work on recreating them. Not to use in your game, but just to practice getting a feel for things like spacing, item placement, right amount of clutter, building construction, etc.
    @mlogan has it right! I always tell people to play Enelysion to get a feel for map composition as I think the maps are really great without the use of parallax. There are so many games with great mapping though - and the screenshot thread is great for feedback etc. (sometimes the feedback given to other people will flick a switch for you)
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I am curious that can you "understand/get the point" about what does this place do generally?
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