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    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    i love the scorpions!! by the way, i think those statues have the same filenames as previous battlers. when i went to dl it into my folder of all your stuff, it prompted me to give the (1) at the end for them.
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    combat design that lets the player "gamble" if they wish?

    What do you think of combat design where there is a surefire option/path to success, but which allows the player the option of being greedy with resources and taking risks? Here's a very oversimplified example to illustrate what I mean: let's say the player has one character in the party, and...
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    Is basic status ailments really basic?

    There are many solutions to balancing states, but I find the difficulty to be finding something whose mechanics can be clearly understood by the player and which also can be programmed into RPG Maker. In an ideal world, for me, resistances to each state would look like this: Goblin's Stun...
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    Making Almost Everything "Interactable"

    As a general rule, I find it incredibly frustrating when I need to check every barrel, urn, crate, shelf, etc., in order to make sure I don't miss something. So if they're going to be used, I would prefer a sparkly / visual indicator when there's something to be explored. In a short game...
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    Stunning Characters and Enemies in Battle...

    like other negative effects, i don't like stuns when they're random and i feel like i lost the battle or suffered unneccesary resource loss due to being simply "unlucky." I like them being inflicted at set conditions or patterns that I can plan and adapt for. For example, say a boss will...
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    New Releases: 4 New Packs!

    @M.I.A. ah i don't have it on steam, i bought it directly through the web store - do i need to find some access key to unlock it on steam and update it that way?
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    New Releases: 4 New Packs!

    i just re-downloaded seraph circle pack I, and don't see any additional monsters - the original one had 42 battlers, as does the current one. What was updated?
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    on challenge, decisions, and consequences

    I guess the real question then comes down to what type of "consequence" is given. There could be a save point at the beginning of the dungeon, so that the player must reload and "try again" - OR, the player must trek back to town, sleep at an inn, come back and "try again" - this time with the...
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    on challenge, decisions, and consequences

    i forget who said that "a game is a series of interesting choices." in a turn-based jrpg, the player must make a series of choices in order to progress through each encounter in a dungeon. so, what happens when the player does not choose optimally? what happens when the player makes decisions...
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    Crossy's MV Thunderdome

    wow, really cool!
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    RPG Maker Week 2019! Deep Discounts! 5 New DLC!

    I'd second the above request! I'm afraid that the VX characters will look out of place with the MV ones - would love to get a better look before I buy.
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    How do you organize music for game development?

    So I've realized that over the years, I've purchased many music packs and also downloaded a large library of free-to-use music. This is on top of the RTP tracks for all of the engines which I own. Choosing music tracks is now incredibly overwhelming - there is so much to sort through. I...
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    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    I always get excited when you post an update, Thalzon. Your work is high quality and it is such a benefit to the community that you keep expanding a diverse library of sideview battlers. I'm sure I speak for many when I say sincerely, thank you!
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    What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    I agree with the tile/grid/mapping flexibility idea. But if you want to hear pie-in-the-sky wishes too, then I'd say a built-in tactical battle system.

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