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  1. A way to make summons without going into every enemy troop?

    Yanfly's Base Troop Engine also lets you apply battle events across all battles but only require you make them once.
  2. Resolution 1080p & field of view

    Use the ScreenResolution plugin provided with RPG Maker MV or alternatively Yanfly's Core Engine has that functionality (and more).
  3. How to remove blur?

    New script works great, thanks so much Kisai Tenshi! I've uploaded images with my quick, poorly made 960*540 map to show the differences between the bilinear and nearest neighbor upscale. Obviously it's not perfect at resolutions inbetween. A compromise needs to be made there - dynamic scaling...
  4. Resolution 1080p & field of view

    (I don't like the stretched graphics resulting from lower resolutions) This comes back to an issue that we were discussing in this thread, which is RPGMV using billinear upscaling rather than nearest neighbor. While it would only play nice with certain resolutions, it'd keep images looking...
  5. Dinamic resolution?

    Using Yanfly's resolution script, it does scale down in both windowed and full screen mode. Just tested at 4k (the engine chugged though).
  6. How to remove blur?

    Would love a solution to this issue, would love to have a game running at 960*540 for PC and mobile for a clean nearest neighbor 1080p upscale. Tried this script and it's not working on my NVIDIA GPU. Turned every optimization in the GPU settings off that I could. Desktop set to no scaling.
  7. Any way to parallax map just yet?

    The TDDP_BindPicturesToMap plugin worked perfectly for me. Make sure to have no looping turned on (unless you want it) and it's 1:1. You can use the picture as a parallax background for placing boundaries and events but turn it off later when it isn't necessary. Works better than the inbuilt ...

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