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    RMMZ Focus Camera on Event

    Maybe you can use my plugin: It makes the camera smoother too and you don't seem to be interested in it, but it's possible to disable this function during gameplay. (Set the "Slide Coefficient" parameter...
  2. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    Oh well, I've been using XP for years, today I discover something new. lol It's true, I use XPAce as if it were standard. Thanks for the support, KK20.
  3. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    Well, just as I imagined, your version of RMXP is not only loading scripts when starting playtest, but also when restarting playtest. At least based on my version of the RMXP, that shouldn't happen. Try creating a new project, reinstall the program, I really don't know exactly what's going on.
  4. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    Replace with this code: It won't solve anything, I just want you to tell me if the window that says "TEST" appears after you press F12. #============================================================================== # ** Game_Character...
  5. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    If my script is the only one you're using in your project, then for some reason your game is reloading the scripts when you press F12. That's an assumption, but I also don't know why that would be happening.
  6. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    I cannot reproduce the error here. It might be a problem with other scripts you use in your project.
  7. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    I would definitely not recommend using # at the beginning of lines to make the interpreter ignore them directly in the base code, this is not good practice. And my code definitely works on XP. lol And to make the character start in a horizontal direction...
  8. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    #============================================================================== # ** Game_Character #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This class deals with characters. It's used as a superclass for the # Game_Player and Game_Event classes...
  9. JorgeMaker

    Be honest: would you play a rpg maker 2k3 game?

    Personally, games made in 2K3 are the ones that attract me the most -maybe it's the visuals, or simply the nostalgia-. However, 2K3 is not as outdated as you think. The international version of it is relatively recent and there is a specific patch that makes the engine extremely powerful...
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    RMMV 2D Fixed Direction plugin help...

    Must be Yanfly's plugin causing incompatibilities. But I believe that due to the licensing of its plugins, I won't be able to help much. Try changing the order of the plugins.
  11. JorgeMaker

    RMMV 2D Fixed Direction plugin help...

    //============================================================================= // ** RPG Maker MV - DragonMV_FixedHorzDirection.js //============================================================================= var Dragon = Dragon || {}...
  12. JorgeMaker

    RMMV 2D Fixed Direction plugin help...

    (() => { var alias_Game_CharacterBase_jump = Game_CharacterBase.prototype.jump; Game_CharacterBase.prototype.jump = function(xPlus, yPlus) { this._jumpCount = 1;, ...arguments); }; var alias_Game_CharacterBase_setDirection =...
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    RPG MAKER 2003: Trying to stop a move by destroying a target.

    Everything you said sounds pretty abstract, but have you ever tried to simply create a new empty move route for this character? This will cause the last route to be erased from memory, I believe.
  14. JorgeMaker

    Why does my windows look like this?

    Taking a look at your plugin list, I suspect that the one named "SRD_MenuBackgrounds" must be causing this problem. lol
  15. JorgeMaker

    Why does my windows look like this?

    I have no idea why there's this purple square behind the window, but this should be closer to what you want:

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