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    Effekseer to MZ problem

    Do you mean that the animation lasts longer than it needs to (but is empty) or that simply the spritesheet isn't being deleted / is lingering? if it's the former, it may have to do with the Lifetime. The animation will remain "playing" for as long as P (the number of live particles) isn't 0...
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    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    I somewhat agree, but it's also entirely impossible for them to list everything you can do with "code" in there. I think the perfect solution for this is some sort of separate library / documentation that we can refer to? like, I know from some examples I've seen that you can do stuff like...
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    A Question regarding Resource Packs

    AFAIK the only MZ resources that are not (directly & immediately) compatible with MZ are animations.
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    The RTP IS Missing Thread for MZ Is not in There :(

    It's a casual friendly interaction, treat it like a greeting so my first post wouldn't come off as rude.
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    RMMZ Rose Engine[Easy 3D Game builder] MV & MZ

    Mechanically, there's a lot of possibilities that the introduction of a real Z-Axis can introduce, as well as the expanded field of view from having the Y-axis take a smaller portion of the screen (due to the viewing angle) But it also opens up an enormous amount of potential for visuals /...
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    The RTP IS Missing Thread for MZ Is not in There :(

    Oh i thought the OP referred to MV's missing RTP files that are present in the DLC folder -- I never cease to be impressed how MZ managed to keep that all in the template game and have it be twice as light as MZ's. WITH the busts, lol. But yeah that seems like a useful thread! I sure want some...
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    Akea Animated Battle System 2

    Just want to say, the bestestest way to implement Projectiles on MZ, bu also probably the hardest, would be to bridge data to Effekseer then make Effekseer animation files with their Position tied to Dynamic Parameters (that can use this data) thus making particles that can fly around from point...
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    The RTP IS Missing Thread for MZ Is not in There :(

    Is MZ missing resources, though? Seems pretty complete to me. Also, good As Trigêmeas avatar :P
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    Effekseer: Pixel Animation Issues

    Hello! First of all, I wanted to say that Effekseer was an awesome addition and breath of fresh air on RPG MAKER. It's exceedingly powerful, being simple to get into but offering an infinite well of power once you tap into the more advanced aspects such as complex Parenting relationships...
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    RMMZ Rose Engine[Easy 3D Game builder] MV & MZ

    This is so insanely cool! I'm so excited, you can be 1000% sure i'm buying it when you make it EA, and i'd pay $30 for it lol (or $50 if it was REALLY good and sturdy) regarding monetization, which is really not the topic here, as a fellow content creator i find that a work that you release and...
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    Dragon Engine - Super Smooth Camera

    Beautiful, looking forward to seeing more stuff from u!
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    RMMZ RPGMZ Window Base

    I recommend trying to pursue your solution to the end to really cement what you've learned :D but yeah the namebox is super cool! looking forward to seeing ppl use it as a notetag box hahaha
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    Master Plugin List

    AFAIK there's no such need; Visustella MZ Core already fixes parallaxes and pictures starting with ! in the filename to the map
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    Effekseer, RPG Maker MZ and you: how to make the animations work

    I intended it more as an Utada Hikaru reference, but that works too! XD stream utada on spotify BTW the same relative filepathing also applies to the model and material files -- make sure to make use of them because they're great!
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    Effekseer, RPG Maker MZ and you: how to make the animations work

    I just want to add that, as long as the /Texture folder is placed inside the folder you're saving the Elfkisser file, you don't need to repath at all! The files remember the relative path, which means that if the structure of the folder you saved your animation in is the same as the project...

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