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    DAN's XP Stuffs

    Hi! The pictures are unfortunately not to be seen, photobucket must now be paid, so you can integrate the pictures. Would you upload the pictures somewhere else, please? I would like to see them and maybe use them :) Josey~
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    Animated RTP Monster Characters

    Thats so awsome! : D I would be very happy, if you make animated versions of 058-Snake04 and 074-Bird04! : D Thats monsters, I used very often. (Sorry, my english is very bad T_T I hope, you can understand, what I've mean.)

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Writing a game about my trauma and I want to do a level about struggling with my sexuality. It's a horror game and each level is different with a different monster chase but I have no idea how to go about this level any ideas?
It's been a while since i posted so here's something i've been working on.
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I've decided to stop buying candy in supermarket and bulk buy 4.5kg of candy. The disadvantage of that is, now I eat a lot of candy. -_-
Microsoft has consumed Activision Blizzard. Makes me wonder if they're gonna make Blizzard Blizzard again.

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