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  1. Water Treatments

    I'd be happy to take a look. PM me with a zipped up version of your game and I'll crack it open. I'll play with the requests, give me a week - sorry I'm slow.
  2. Water Treatments

    I do take requests, but I only get to play with rpg maker from time to time. Right now I'm doing a lot of woodworking projects for the holidays, but I'm looking for opportunities to get back into this. Put your requests and I'll do my best to get to them. @firestalker, do you think some...
  3. Water Treatments

    My bad. I saw others doing it in other posts and assumed it was a regular thing. I won't do it again, and thanks for the warning. I'm new here
  4. Water Treatments

    See OP for sewer updates.
  5. Water Treatments

    @GrandmaDeb, edited terms to suggest crediting josh.x.guthrie - sorry I'm brand new to this. First submission.
  6. Water Treatments

    Reserved for future use.
  7. Water Treatments

    I really disliked how dark the original MV water tiles looked (especially on Inside_A1). I'm going to be doing some slight modifications of the water tiles (not just recoloring) and wanted to give back to the community what I come up with. I'll be updating this thread over the next few days I...
  8. Minnow's RTP Edits (Updated 12/05 with large tree!)

    Loving it! I'll add votes for bear, turtle, snake, owl.
  9. Flirion's Charsets and Facesets recolors (MV) - Updated 19/11/19

    Thank you for the recolors! Great start to my actors collection.

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Well today was blown away with nothing to show for it. I made a new character to my game who I was going to have a protection mechanic where he protects my main character randomly unless it's a critical, and no matter what, to check if an attack received will be critical, means checking the apply method. This means rewriting the entire method and I refused to do that.
This was originally made for a "castle" challenge, but we just decided to keep it for our actual game :)

Would a simple item rarity plugin be useful to someone? Basically, you would set notetag to an item to set its rarity and it would change the text colour of the item.
Stuff that bothers me: When I answer resource requests and the people don't even bother to answer wheather that was what they needed or say thank you in any way.
I'm tempted to leave the Fight/Escape choice in the Boss Battle submission and make Escape pop up Nedry from Jurassic Park: "Uh uh unh!"

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