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    After a year of inactivity, i'm finally back. Sadly, i lost the access to the account that hosted all the Armory. But the armory isn't...
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Learning about how trademark works for game titles has given me new understanding about another reason why AAA developers/publishers sometimes reveal new games as "Project XXX" as a working title instead of the actual title. The cutthroat world of trademarks and IP trolls gets rougher every year as the pool of available titles for (legally safe) use shrinks due to the limitations of language.
how does everybody even finish anything

i have like 5 projects in the backburner and it's just so sad that i probably won't get to finish all or maybe even any of them
Did you know that 90% of people in the world use the number in their sentence as they see fit?
It's been a long time since I was here but I have a lot of updates... btw I am teaching again about game programming and game design in some schools here in Brazil hahahaha It's good to see kids and teens learning this kind of thing!

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